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  1. All the time play with the grid on even when not building track. ;D Have also the ground cover switched off so to have a better overview. :O
  2. jeffryfisher, I could not see the map in the start dialog either. Saved a new copy in the editor but still the same result.
  3. Gwizz, the area you are talking about is in Greece near the city of Argos. Here is the Link. http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=37.627284,22.738953&spn=0.270551,0.527&t=h&z=12
  4. douglascaixeta, check some of the video settings on your computer or startup switches of the RT2 game. On my flat/wide screen (1920x1200 native res) I have the normal RT2 screen flanked by two black areas. Sorry that I cant be more specific than just saying that it can work the way it should. So, don't stop trying to find the solution.
  5. Gwizz, the deciding facture would be why we play that particular game. I usually play to win. Preferably the current game in less time than the last one. Quote
  6. Gwizz, following is a listing of the 14 warning signs of fascism. Which of those are new since Obama took over? 1) Powerful and continuing nationalism Fascist regimes tend to make use of patriotic mottos, slogans, symbols, songs, and other paraphernalia. Flags are seen everywhere as are patriotic symbols on clothing, public displays, and cars. 2) Disdain for the recognition of human rights Because of the fear of enemies and the need for security, the people in fascist regimes are persuaded that human rights and civil liberties can be ignored in certain cases because of
  7. The elections are over and Gwizz must be digging himself out of all that snow first before he gets going commenting on the 2nd bailout package. Looking forward to that.
  8. TheDS, I do believe you need to qualify your statement
  9. Gwizz, I guess I am getting too old to understand those
  10. Gwizz, since I have no vote, have no offspring to be concerned about their future and truly do not care which of both candidates wins, I believe that I have a somewhat more "neutral" or objective view of your dilemma. Your whole basic concept of Democrat and Republican and the attached label of liberal and conservative is another thing that I do not understand. Do you want to vote for a representative of a party or would you like to vote for someone that represents the view of the voter. So who cares if Democrat, Republican, Liberal or Conservative when the question should be what candidate represents my view best. (Them changing their minds later is another story) Anyhow, both candidates have got issues with what they are saying . So, if at the same time a political statement comes from a religious nut of the Billy Graham Team I am really suspicious.
  11. Gwizz. I fail to understand this. Almost all the above a very positive attributes especially if it is a politician.
  12. Well, what I set out to do was to try to see what will happen if one does opposite of what Steve39 said needed to be done for a better economic game and the way it turned out showed that one can play a different game and still have the same overall economic state. Perhaps I was just lucky. Over those 80 runs tested it again reconfirmed the effect of randomness on an overall outcome. Perhaps randomness is not the correct term because some seemingly random behavior can also be affected by fixed rules. For instance, in all test games the two trains playing the primary role were being loaded in cities opposite from each other. The train in Hammond had to wait for one additional load of Passengers and the train in Cleveland had to wait for two loads of Passengers, both being six car trains. The arrival of the first train would vary between the end of November to sometime very early in the next year. The two main reasons determining the arrival were the seemingly random generation of loads and the fixed rule that whatever train occupies a single track square first has the right of way. That at times meant that the train having the longer distance to travel interfered with the train that would give you an earlier arrival. This all then had a cascading effect. When a train came in very early the share price would go up at the end of the year which in turn attracted the A.I. player to purchase shares which then left you out in the cold when waiting for February to come around. On the other hand, if a train came in late, at the beginning of the second year, the share cost was lower and you only competed with perhaps one A.I. payer owning one lot of shares. What those tests also showed was that waiting for February for your stock purchases could do your early PNW a lot of harm from which you might not be able to recover. In any case, just to try to weed out all those intangibles here is another test. The Test map. The map was generated in the editor and left void of any cities or features. There was only one company (
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