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Is RT2 still alive


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  • 8 months later...

I know, I just think you should have some kind of a stationmanager who puts the right cargo on the train (like in RT3), also I don't like the non-realistic factor that you can send passengers anywhere and I think the new economic system (in RT3) is a lot better.

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I'm glad to here there are some rt2 users out there.

I too, like to run short lines that supply main line station/depots.  I  don't necessarily play for the win, but like the simulation part of the game.

I've been working on a rt2 map with some help from Ray Allen.  It's been kind of on the back burner, but if people are still playing rt2 I may have to move it out front :)

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  • 11 years later...

Move your map out front.  There still is pop in players.  I give the terminal a look see about every 2 or 3 days. 

But I seldom respond to questions about games other then the Tycoon games.  I'm reading about the Northern

Pacific RR and its' connection with RRs along the Columbia River lines.  Plans are to use the information to make a map. 


Still looking for JSS.  He gave me a RR book that I enjoyed.  I may tie it in to the map of the Northern Pacific RR.  

And I would like to give some positive payback to him for the gift he gave me.    

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Aha! A little searching shows his last post was in 2006. His history also shows a Dec-2004 thread announcing his finished map (I guess you missed it 11 years ago). See Conomark's RT2 Susquehanna map.

Unfortunately, the attachment was archived (and the external web site is defunct), so you'll need to ask Gobbalopper where to find the download.

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