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    Goal: The Netherlands seriously needs a high speed train network. This is your job. Enjoy the windmills. Author's Comments: For connecting infrastructurally important areas you'l be rewarded. To obtain Bronze you'll need to connect Randstad Holland. To do so you must connect Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. Your book value must become larger then 15 million dollars. When you've done this, access to Belgium will become affordable. For Silver you'll need to connect the provincial capitals as well. These are: Leeuwarden, Groningen, Assen, Haarlem, Lelystad, Zwolle, Arnhem, 's Hertogenbosch, Vlissingen en Maastricht. Furthermore You'll need a book value larger then 50 million. By doing so access to Germany will become a lot cheaper. For Gold you must connect to Brussels and Cologne as well.
  2. I'm continuedly having the same problem with the map editor. The water won't turn blue! Does anybody know why this problem keeps coming up. I switched the button change color on and of over and over again. It just won't work. This is especially very anoying because i can't use a swatch for the colour either. Am I supposed to be able to do this? Or are you just supposed to create the coulour yourself? This just keeps bugging me so much I've lost all interest in the map builder. Any suggestions? MiG
  3. Okay everybody, This new map is finally finished. Tested, changed, retested, changed, retested and everything. I hope it'll be enjoyed and the admistration will put it in the map register soon. ;D MiG
  4. I think you're right on both problems, the thing is that if you put a lot of extra industries on the map you'd have to put them on the land that is not a part of the cities. That would mean extra
  5. Hey everybody, Since it is summer and I don't have to go to work and college and stuff I made you a very fresh new map. It isn't a map of a certain area, but it is a map designed after Christallers theory. Suggestions are very welome and pleas let me know if things do not work ad they are supposed to, or if you think the game is too hard or easy. Mig Christaller.zip
  6. Sometimes a browser or an administrator has blocked .rar files, because they can contain virtually anything. In this case it contains a .exe file, which is the most likely filetype to be a virus. This is probably why you can;t download it. I don't know why you would want this file anyway, it;s just one part of the game, not the entire game.
  7. Photoshop says he can't locate d3d9.dll and I indeed still can't save files as pk4 files. :'( Also, the Nvidia site doesn't mention anything about pk4 files. Are you sure this is the plug-in I need?
  8. Too bad, I seem to be unable to do this... It just won't work... Does Photoshop CS do this or is 7.0 enough? Any other suggestions, or perhaps the add-in itself?
  9. Thanks a lot, I'll check it out! Soon we'll have hundreds of logo's in one add-on! :D MiG
  10. What about making pk 4 files... Does anybody know how to make these? In Photoschop it doesn't work. PK4 files are needed for adding logo's to the game
  11. Finally I have an internet connection that is fast enough for online gaming. Does anybody know how when and where these kind of activities take place? ???
  12. O only use short selling stock when another railroad company is really doomed. This is usually the case is one is using loans to finance losses. This is really just free money: you buy some shares a month and wait for them to crash at the end of the month.
  13. Or: you should be able to build track RT2-style, where the spot where your mouse is is exactly where you're building. This way you can place track exaclty where you want it to be.
  14. I know, I just think you should have some kind of a stationmanager who puts the right cargo on the train (like in RT3), also I don't like the non-realistic factor that you can send passengers anywhere and I think the new economic system (in RT3) is a lot better.
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