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Harkonen strategy

Guest Bertje Hintenkampf

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Guest Xephyris

A good strategy, Commander! Strangely (or maybe not so strangely) Harkonnen ranged units are the most maneouverable. We should make use of that to the fullest. Around 3 missile tanks can handle an equivalent number of Kobras / Minotauri with ease if micromanaged. Hit, fall back to reload, and use your main force to kill less threatening units. Complemented with infantry and/or Flame tanks and Assaults, Missile tanks can be extremely effective.

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Guest Albatross

Yeah. Ordos Laser Tanks tend to fry them with ease while dodging their rockets at the same time. Wish those Missile Tanks could lock on to MULTIPLE targets...

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Guest Draken

well that is an great idea! well not for the missiltanks.. thay would get to powerfull then.. but to the Davasator, then it would realy bring death!

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