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RIP - Dino De Laurentiis


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I think Lynch and DeLaurentiis did a good job, given the fact they only had about 3 hours to tell a 10 hour movie. The only way to tell Dune correctly would be to break it up into 3 or 4 movies.

But to make it have mass commercial appeal, Brian and Kevin would have to add trendy plot-lines and space battles to the 3 years covering Dune itself.

Hopefully this will never be done.

So Lynch did what he could.

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I still Lynch's movie was an abortion of an adaptation! he was a very bad choice to direct when it should have been Ridley Scott who is a true fan of the novel unlike Lynch who didn't know jackshit of the novel. He just made a very bad mockery with nothing but gruesome/grotesque images like heartplugs, bloody fetuses, a dozen gory gross out scenes, making the Bene Gesseret bald chicks like something out of Star Trek even with metal teeth and the film isn't Herbert's vision but Lynch's own ego on the screen plus some bad miscasting like Sting.

When i saw that POS at age 16 back in 97, i thought it was a painful experience despite a great score and i cried when it rained on Arakkis at the end, i couldn't believe Lynch went to do that killing the worms on the planet like that for it was another Ego trip for him. I wish the studios never allowed Lynch to do his "vision".

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Harry, it's sad to read that you hate the Dune 1984 movie so furiously. I don't think I've ever seen the word 'abortion' used so much. It's also interesting to read the same posts on The Transformers Forum.

Is there anything you like about 1984 Dune?

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It's also interesting to read the same posts on The Transformers Forum.

And Jacurutu, and at least two Dune groups on Facebook, and a thread in the Science Fiction forum on Amazon, and ... here.

And who knows where else. Back when he was first spinning the "four-part Dune" as though it had been in an official announcement instead of just his suggestion, I googled it and found he'd posted it on some film forum as well.

I'd go so far as to say he's more anti-Lynch than I am anti-McDune. wink.gif

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