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On ‎07‎/‎09‎/‎2015 at 2:22 PM, OldKingPoker said:

Kingpoker mileswest AndreyTV Moro newlords neo27.rus neorockboy.


7 of us online atm 18:22 gmt

What a noob doing here.



i m playing THE DIVISION.


But, i m sick, i miss EBFD.


I was a GOD there. But, now, many noobs playing in Tungle


I m thinking back.


What Hamachi Lan name?


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I got play Emperor Battle for Dune using windows 10.

I m in Tunngle too.

I m back like a noob. But i m getting my skill back.


There are good players there, playing for 5 years, as i m backing play now.


i hope more people play there.


DOOM, i play THE DIVISION. And u?

let ur accout

bye bye



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Hey sandcrawlers,

I am in a nostalgic moment and I am thinking on re-installing the game on my comp. Just to play the single player and also multiplayer if there are still people playing these days.

I will try Tunngle to try to play online one of these days. It would be great to play with some old friends! :D Is there a group on social media nowadays? Like Facebook or Whatsapp? My Facebook account is Brenn Quirynen, add me if you want.


I managed to play online with TUNNGLE on my laptop with Wi10 :D. Thanks to Youkolord!

No I have to try to get it working on my other comp with Wi7. I have lags and flickering. Maybe an Wi7 and graphic card issue. I ll look into it.

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