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  1. Please m80s, tell me from where can I download this mod! It looks amazing <3. But for now AnimalMan looks dead(mean offline for a long time) and the development might have stopped and while browsing through the comments I noticed a bunch of people that played the mod and I was wondering if I could download it too but when I checked AnimalMan's File Content I found it empty. I would really like if someone had the mod downloaded and just uploaded it from his account under AnimalMan as a creator and owner. Looking forward to it. :)
  2. HI guys, I'm a player of Emperor TBFD and I'm not that bad. I have a question about the Deviator Tank. This tank(or hovercraft) was questioning me for a long time. Since I passed the last level(not by the usual cheap way) I noticed a 3th rank(Heroic rank) Deviator. Since I saw this I always wondered how to up-rank this vehicle. If someone knows even if this thing can rank-up and knows how, please answer below in the comments. Thanks for the attention.
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