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Atreides Strategy

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Acually, it's not the sound we percieve that does the damage, it's the high-frequency vibrations that are just the right pitch to cause particular substances to vibrate and disintegrate, shatter or blow up. It works like microwaves, only with sound instead of the EM spectrum.

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True, I never understanded why Fedaykin are immune to sonics anywayz...

If you can't hear the sound won't mean you can't get destroyed by it.

But then again, how on earth can an infantry unit resist more tank bullets then a vehicle!  :-/

Guess this is the only way to include "strategy" in a game.

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This harks back to the APDS of C&C. The tanks were accurate enough to hit other vehicles, but not to hit little humans, so the inaccuracy had the effect of less damage. This got carried over and the reason lost. Hence, things like the assault and missile tanks can't damage infantry for tuppence.

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