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Animals of Dune


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Would be nice if you provided actual quotes from the books mentioning those too :)

Alright the book is called The Great Dune trilogy

Dune                            (book1)

Dune Messiah                 (book2)

Children of Dune              (book3)

The Ecology of Dune        (appendix1)

The Religion of Dune         (appendix2)

Report on Bene Gesserit Motives and Purposes (appendix3)

The Almanak en-Ashraf      (appendix4)

Terminology of The Imperium

This quote comes from appendix 1 "They turned then to the necessary animal life-burrowing creatures to open the soil and aerate it;kit fox,kangaroo mouse,desert hare ,sand terrapin. . .and the predators to keep them in check:desert hawk, dwarf owl,eagle and desert owl;

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No, this isn't the new title of a book, but I was just wondering about some of the species mentioned in Dune.  D Wolves and Las Tigers or something along those lines?  Anyway, were these animals natives of Old Terra, who had travelled with humans around the galaxies, or where they native species? . . 

In Children of Dune there is a reference to mutated rats with long fur which probably stowed away with the fremen upon their migration to Dune. 

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Those moments came when Leto could not distinguish between the music and the people of the cavern vision. The whine and slap of a power loom was the whine and slap of the baliset. But his inner eyes beheld fabrics of human hair, the long fur of mutated rats, threads of desert cotton, and strips curled from the skin of birds. He saw a sietch school. The eco-language of Dune raged through his mind on its wings of music. He saw the sun-powered kitchen, the long chamber where stillsuits were made and maintained. He saw weather forecasters reading the sticks they'd brought in from the sand. (CoD 41:15)

Why jump to a conclusion that the rats "probably" came to Arrakis <strong>with</strong> the Fremen? Any evidence from elsewhere in the book (or the other books)?

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