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"That was left-handed!" C&C Dawn and Red Alert for free.


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"I want a chicken sandwich and some waffle fries... Pho Free"

Well no you can't have that, but EA is actually not being a bag of douche's and offering up both C&C and Red Alert as free downloads.

CnC95 Gold links/mirrors

CnC Gold 95 2 disc ziped @ EA.com


CnC Gold 95 @ CnCworld.com


CnC Covert Operations Addon @ Megaupload


CnC Covert Operations Addon @ Nyerguds' site


with instructions here:


Be sure to check out Nyerguds' unofficial patch 1.06 for CnC95 Gold here-


Red Alert 1 links/mirrors

Soviet & Allied discs @ EA.com



Red Alert (both discs) + Addons @ CnCworld.com


Be sure to check out official patch 3.03 for Red Alert here-


with installation guide-


Oh and did I forget to mention....

Tiberian Sun/Firestorm


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I had C&C listed in free game thread. Oddly I didn't put red alert even though I created a thread for that.

Glad to see counterstrike and aftermath.


edited the free game thread. got lazy and linked to this thread.

Nice to see them giving free downloads for it. Good marketing. Now to get Renegade for free.

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'That was left handed'

You know...For years that one quote has eluded my complete understanding

It took a neurologist to explain what that meant as they were trying the 'preference' type tests on me.

15 years later and i finally get it  ::)  sort of....  not really :-

Still have all my Original C&C games..  have this wierd dos version of the original,  nod turrets are priced at $250 and the like.

I think the only C&C i went out of my way to avoid was Sole Survivour...

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The only mod i've ever really played a fair bit was return of the dawn,doesn't look like it'd being updated anymore,

I really enjoyed the effort put into it despite its limitations and i guess definitely count Freespace Scp these games really have paid for themselves

Nope, it's the dos version here, unlikely to be the final build as every other version i've ever played has Nod turrets priced at $600 iirc

It has this other glitch where you build a GDI Gun-turret sell it, then quickly stop it from selling during its meltdown animation

The infantry it spawns are yours as a bonus and the sell transaction never really happens.. sell>deselect>select>stop

cheezy exploitable glitch indeed.. The other versions i've played won't allow this anymore  psx/cc95 etc  nooooo......they know all about that! :P

surely nyerguds knows the version specifics i'm referring to here  :P 

he practically wrote the game :/  jk

But back OT, if that commando actually used his rifle 'left handed' wouldn't the shell discharge to the right as standard? 

he better not have been using the scope or ,  yea ow 

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