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how to make echo effect?


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but i had once this effect with integrateed soundcard . i could  still hear music on that pc but i got other comp and efffect is nomore .

i had on old computer this Cmedia (CMI) CMI8330 Audio Adapter drive

and it worked as i could hear music from game while browsing internet , sound was silent but hearable..

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you dont understand.  i was playing campagin and  i played fremen. i went to desktop and i hear fremen, soon after i hear landrsand.  music was changing  ever when was not playing game.  game was paused and i was browsing internet.  i have installed xp but cant do it again, not on this hardware.  ever on windows 98 it wont go..  tried to  put speakers at max power but no. to make short-circuts in them

i asked some people  for help  and they said that is "rare event"  but possible to play music outside game without any program i must "suspend"it between.  , i attempted to do it  by  multiple times  alt-tabing. effect was short time.  they told  me to try cheat  my windows  to think that  i am playing game. while its paused and its minimized to  systray bar. but how? alt tab is not on the way. possibly they tried to say to get game indo window mode and  put on systray bar.  but this is impossible. . i can do it with cnc games and get music on background.

my actual soundcard software allow echo effect bbut i get it when i play game. sound is like played in  tunnel,cave but cant hear music on background.

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