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Allies in dune 2000?


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I'm a fan of dune 2k ever since it came out (I'm 14), and I never saw an option to team up in the network multiplayer games. I currently got version 1.02 (the installation disk version) and I would be really happy if after all those years I would finally be able to use that option. Does it exist or do i have to update to 1.06?

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Does it exist or do i have to update to 1.06?

Sorry, I have no idea about multiplayer, but it is definitely recommended that you update your Dune2000 to the latest version regardless of whether this particular option you're talking about will be enabled or not. You can download the patch right here: http://dune2k.com/Duniverse/Games/Dune2000/Downloads/Patches

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In C&C games, to get allied with another player in a multiplayer game, you first select that player's unit or building, then press "A" on your keyboard (while the enemy unit or building is still selected).

TY for explaining im REALLY green in c&c games options.

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