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Whats ur Fav Ordos Strategy?


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Base Defence: Chem troopers and mortar in front line supported with Kobras handle infantry (with scouts in a line ahead to spot for Fremen and Infiltrators). AA troopers en masse EVERYWHERE handle air units and help Kobras deal with light/medium armour units (e.g. Assault tank, Mongoose, Dust Scout). For heavy armour units, you should think of dealing with them before they get to your base entrance (see Skirmish and Mobile Defence). Turrets should be build during battle if enemy breaks through these - Pop-ups can be a nasty shock if they are built next to enemy armour units.

Skirmish and Mobile Defence: Laser tanks(I prefer groups of 4 ~ 10 instead of en masse) for vehicles and stranded infantry, APCs for fast mobile Anti Air power (when they reach 2nd level veterancy they become amazingly fast), Dust Scouts (again, I prefer groups of 6 ~ 12) to handle most infantry (except large groups of Kindjal Infantry, AA troopers or Troopers - Chem Troopers are brilliant for these). Throw in a single, hot-keyed Deviator to cause extra havoc. Saboteurs can decimate infantry if they don't get killed. They can be a great decoy to let mortar shells land as enemy infantry need to stop to shoot them. They are also the ultimate deterrant for over-running vehicles as they can cripple such vehicles when they blow up directly underneath them.

Offence: Kobras with Advanced Carryalls to provide rally points for Skirmish units, take out turrets and infantry and attack structures from below a cliff. Basically these I consider as mobile artillery, which can be used to perform a push if you have more than one group of them. IF enemy AA is poor, then a carefully micro-managed EITS rush can quickly punish your enemy for this mistake - don't forget to blow up EITS directly above structures so that the saboteur lands on the building. Mixed infantry supporting Skirmish units still using hit-and-run tactics. Remember to run away quickly if you see enemy units that counter your units and bring other units to counter them, unless its Kobras that are at stake (in which case, it may be better just defending them).

Basically, Ordos need a lot of micro-management to function at acceptable efficiency! Lack of Anti Air power may be the biggest problem - prevent a large enemy airforce building up if you can. You need to see inside their base in order to do this!

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Hence why they should only really be built within range of enemy armour so that they can shoot as soon as they are built. Remember, they don't take long at all to set up after you select where to build them, unlike other turrets which need to wait for scaffolding to go up, get set up and then the scaffolding to go away.

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You don't have to have a turret ready to build all the time. Pop-up turrets don't take long to build, especially if you have multiple construction yards (always have more than one to avoid being crippled by a large airstrike or other attack). If you also sell turrets as you build them, then you won't lose much money either.

This in principle would work with any turret that can be built except that with Ordos turrets, you don't have much time to get away if they get built right next to you. With Atreides and Harkonned turrets, you can recognise them whilst they are being built and get the majority of your vulnerable units out of range.

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Guest Ordos Infiltrator

I have to agree with you on pop up turrets but if you solely place them in defence and in small interlocking rings they are quite effective but still can be a hazard to your budget and it's encouraged that you build Kobra's along with turrets

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