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Excerpt from Winds of Dune released


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Ahh, I can't wait for the true story of Dune to unfold...


EDIT: Jessica is called the Duchess of Caladan in the excerpt. I've always wondered why she never took her rightful place as the Baroness of Giedi Prime instead :P

EDIT2: Okay, the entire thing is retelling the outcome of Dune Messiah so far. I shouldn't have wasted my time on that...

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Old news. Read it back in April on the KJASF.com site. :P

And that's probably one of the better chapters in the book! :D

I'm going to try to have my "chapter"-by-"chapter" summary up on my website by the end of this week, but in the meantime, if you're interested, I've already spoiled the hell out of it (with quotes!) in the "The Winds of Dune: When they blow, they also suck!" thread on Jacurutu:


Enoy! :D

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At the VERY least.

After they finish this current "Heroes, Meteorological Phenomena & Royal Furniture of Dune" series with <i>Thunder Throne of Dune</i> and <i>Leto the Tard of Dune</i>, they plan to return to the exciting post-Legends period and do a "Great Schools" series, about the further development of the Bene Gesserit, Mentats, Guild, Suks and the C.E.T. & Orange Catholic Bible.

Then there's always the monumental ten-volume autobiographical series, <i>Duncan of Dune: A Thousand Lives and a Life</i>.

There's just NO END to the "Dune" they can write! :D

Hopefully an airplane will fall on BoBo Herbo (justifying his four decades of fearing the things!) and The Hack will be left out in the cold.

Ah, what am I thinking? Even with Brian gone the HLP will keep KJA on as long as the books keep selling. Whores reforming and changing their ways is something that only happens in Hollywood movies! ;D

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