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Mission 8 Atriedes is Impossible win

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Im stuck on mission 8 Atreides its too damn hard how do i win it a damn ordos saboutuwhatever keeps blowing my Construction yard then the Ordos send Million Units to my base and i lose in 15 minutes only :-[

I did have problems with Ordos Mission 8 too but i still won it

I completed Ordos and Harkonenn Campaign But in Atreides im Stuck on Mission 8

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use infantry build walls near it..if you block way sabs will die soon..build 4refinery 3heavy and 3light factory per one refinery get 2more harvesters...make quads and combat tanks..use quads to destroy ordos harvesters..troopers and tanks wipe turrets..dont destroy base..bring enginer to capture all.. Now take harks for supper..first wall your main building.sabs will take windtrap but you wont die.. I

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Thanks man I finally won this dang mission and I won atreides mission 9 in just 1 hour it was the most funist mission I played the won where your bases are on the same land, lolz its kinda funny how the imperial base is just few steps north of your base

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I find this mission difficult by having to guard the Harvester and timing the time before the enemies arrive, I have to watch out for him and looking both ways and still build the base, I build my base on the far left side, so I avoid attacks I do not get enough money to develop light or heavy vehicles, and to create a consistent defense, I spend almost everything on Windtraps, Barracks, Refinery, and the Out Post (which releases the Rocket-Torrets). I have positioned my Sonic Tank in front of the line of defense with the two Siege tanks, but they resist only for a while, always my defense of vehicles ends up being destroyed, the troops are left, and they are a disaster with enemy Siege tanks, I Already tried to create walls in the borders of my main base, they delay the attacks but do not impede the enemy advance. I have tried to invade a secondary base of Ordos to the southwest, but beyond their defense units, others also appear and destroy my offensive, this is an exercise in patience, I do not really intend to ask for help, even though I am almost on my knees on the ground From so much failure, but I'll try and try again.

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Will this help?


Although he plays on easy.

If you play on hard, congrats, you are part of the big boys. And respect, even if you fail.

This is a way, how I play:

I move away all my units to the left side of my base. I deploy the MCV in the top right corner. Build slabs towards the left, enough for a barracks, power and refinery. Except, the barracks has to be close to the CY.

The second and third barracks should wall the rest in of your CY. Start producing the cheap rifle infantry. Do not waste money on the barracks upgrade just yet.

Get power and a second and third refinery. Now you can choose to upgrade your barracks. If you do, produce troopers and infantry 1 on 1. click, click. A wall of infantry will protect your CY. But eventually, you move them towards your heavy factories.

But also get your tech straitgh towards the heavy factory. Now, get a second and third one with sufficient power. Your first factory needs to get the 4th, 5th and 6th harvester.

In the meanwhile, you certainly must have upgraded your barracks, if not. Do it now. After that, the heavy factory is needed to be upgraded.

Get repair pad, and perhaps the radar with starport.

Personally, I don't build the palace, only house IX. I produce combat tanks and missile tanks only. And my base is drowning in infantry. When possible, order carryalls with your starport. Dont build high tech for that slow airstrike and expensive production.

After amassing 30 CT and 20 MT. You can attack any thing. Attack with a clear goal. Keep your force clunked together. But do target anything armored. Infantry and troopers have to be crushed.
Rebuild them while you attack, but also, get 3 more harvesters or an refinery and 2 harvesters.

Siege tanks are to slow on this map, you are fighting ordos. Sonic tanks require to much tech and money and are slow. I hate to use them if I face AI.

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Coincidentally, I just beat this mission the other day. Here's my strategy:

1. Build your base in the top-left corner, close the the Spice fields. Sent the Sonic Tank south to absorb the infantry attack after the first two attacks.

2. After the initial three waves, destroy the Arms Factory and Barracks in the Ordos support base. This will reduce the number of attacking units by about 25% and - more importantly - protect your Harvesters.

3. Build Rocket Towers blow your Construction Yard so they are able to attack both Ordos and Harkonnen units.

4. Get 6+ Harvesters and Carryalls, and build units all the time.

5. Send 6+ Fremen into the Ordos main base via a ramp in the south and blow up their Construction Yard. That makes destroying the main base much easier.

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I know what you mean, but the typo is funny in several ways. :D

I don't know why, but somewhere last year. I stopped making turrets in this game, before I even could get missile tanks.

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