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SSD and Hard Drive together?

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  • 3 months later...

First announced a week ago

Intel's 3rd Generation X25-M SSD Specs Revealed

Still SATAII limited. A bit faster write and better IOPS.

Release date is Q4 2010 - Q1 2011

Todays news is

SandForce Announces Next-Gen SSDs, SF-2000 Capable of 500MB/s and 60K IOPS

SATAIII and 500mb/s read AND write and 60k IOPS!!

Release Q1 2011

Awesome news. Although all these numbers are best case scenarios. These announcements should also cause older SSD to plummet in price first of 2011.

Definitely making sure I get SATAIII motherboard.

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  • 2 months later...

Lots happened since last post.

OCZ Vertex 3 review

Really fast. SATAIII

The Intel SSD 510 Review

What will compete with vertex 3.

The Intel SSD 320 Review: 25nm G3 is Finally Here

This Intel drive will compete with vertex2 sandforce drives. Basically battling it out for SATAI+II laptops/desktops

OCZ signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Indilinx

Indilinx hasn't done much since 2009.

Newegg just got some vertex 3 in stock today. $300 for 120gb. The new Intel drive sells for similar price.

$300 is good starting point for these drives. Hopefully by end of year they are $200. Much like the previous generation 120gb are >=$200 now.

If you have SATAIII capable desktop, these new SSD will blow away any HDD. 500mb/s read.

Vertex 3 on SATAIII 240gb model. 120gb is supposed to be slightly slower.


vertex3 left side and 1tb caviar black right side

Yeah, hdd not close.


The Crucial m4 (Micron C400) SSD Review

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  • 1 year later...

In case no one has been paying attention, SSD prices have been crashing. 256gb Crucial M4 (best all around SSD for the price), has gone as low as $200. Given that 6 months ago it was $350, prices have been dropping lots. 120gb models are going for close to $100.

With HDD prices still high from the flood, anyone building a computer should be putting in a SSD vs a HDD for the OS/apps. Hopefully by Black Friday in November HDD prices go back to pre flood prices.

Vertex 4 was released.

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SSD prices still dropping lots. At $1/gb now, and considering their speed, cheaper than current hdd prices unless you need max amount of storage space possible. 120gb for $100, and 3(sequential)->100(random/seek/latency) times faster than hdd? Sign me up.

Anyone else get one yet?

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  • 6 months later...

Bought 256gb Crucial M4 for $171 including tax/shipping couple weeks ago (only installed couple days ago).

Here is a CrystalDiskMark benchmark.


Doesn't feel faster than my 60gb vertex1, but the benchmarks do show that it is twice as fast. More storage space is a bonus.


Going to put one of the 60gb vertex into nettop, and not sure what to do with the other one. Not going to bother having it hooked up to my desktop, as I'd rather get another internal hdd. Oddly external hdd are cheaper than externals.

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  • 11 months later...

OCZ now bankrupt.



Bought a 256gb ssd for $135



My 256gb Crucial M4 still working great. 60gb vertex in nettop working great. Have other 60gb vertex sitting on table doing nothing for past year (nothing to put it in). hmm.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I was hoping to get some more ram (Crucial ballistix sport) this holiday but RAM prices are still crazy high - the black friday sale price for it was $5 more than the price I paid for it back in May.  Hopefully they go down again soon.

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Yah, ram prices are high which sucks. I remember when it went dirt cheap (a year or 1.5 year ago?). Maybe 8gb for $50-60 including shipping (16gb for $100) Now prices are high. SSD prices havn't come down that much in the past 1.5 years. This is like the hdd price hike due to flooding couple years ago.


How much ram do you have? Shouldn't need more than 8gb. I havn't needed more than 8gb (probably could have made due with only 4gb with my dedicated vid card, but not when I only had onboard vid card).


Just read these at a forum. Odd that I missed event when it happened.




Someone posted a 'deal' for a 240gb ssd on sale for $190. Sad times indeed.


Are you looking at specific model # of ram (identical to what you have?)? Let me know and I can keep an eye out for it.

EDIT: looked up the comp build you sent me this spring. See the 8gb ram. newegg is cheapest (only place that sells?), but still cost more than this spring. I'd wait for lower prices :P Just have the newegg ram in your basket or bookmark and check daily. Sometimes prices can randomly go lower for short time (all automated), without even being advertised in a sale. It's how I got  my cheap 240gb ssd 1 year ago.

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SSD are great. Was using a friends computer this week that has only HDD and it was slow as molasses to start up or launch programs. I can't stand non ssd computers. So much waiting to do.

I don't mind hdd only machines, SSDs can degrade much quicker under certain workloads (I work mine very hard). That said, even a degraded SSD is usually faster then an HDD.

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Was on a new laptop today. Very low specs, amd 2x1.3ghz core, amd vid card, 320gb hdd. Windows 8. Watching the sys resource monitor the hdd was at 100% while doing anything, and taking forever to do anything. Multitasking is impossible mostly due to hdd (though cpu is slow as well).

I was multitasking updating computer, press ctrl+alt+delete and 10 min later it popped up.


/windows 8 default thing sucks so badly. I'm browsing web and then randomly it pops up because I 'swiped' the mouse on the screen.

//installed classic shell as temporary solution.

///default netflix app is slower and worse than netflix in web browser.

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