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Dune 2 Script Tools 1.2


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Kinda doesn't surprise me, all throughout the game code exists segments such as this

seg007:05B6 C4 1E C0 84                      les    bx, buildingGamePtrCurrent

seg007:05BA 26 80 7F 02 0A                    cmp    es:[bx+_buildingGame.TypeIndex], 0Ah ; Barracks

seg007:05BF 74 72                            jz      short BarracksWOR

seg007:05C1 C4 1E C0 84                      les    bx, buildingGamePtrCurrent

seg007:05C5 26 80 7F 02 07                    cmp    es:[bx+_buildingGame.TypeIndex], 7 ; WOR

seg007:05CA 74 67                            jz      short BarracksWOR


The "TypeIndex" field is actually the index into the data table (this code jumps to a location if its in the WOR/BARRACKS data position)... alot of code is like this

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not sure actually, i havnt looked at the code in awhile so i cant remember :P

i posted my IDA db in the other post, go do some digging ;)

also updated DST today, had a minor bug

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haven't had a chance to dig into it yet... got school stuff to do, am working on upgrading C&C (which is easier because Hyper added new sections to the exe file, giving me tons of new space to write new code in), and my PC is giving me problems...

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I'm in the process of wrapping things up for doing a new release of libeastwood now and looking into switching to use

data from the dune 2 demo for my test suite to make it distributable.

With the EMC files being different in the demo, it made the EMC unit tests fail and I looked closer into what caused it.

It turned out to be the unknown values hardcoded in the header when assembling being the culprit, so I tried figuring

out what these values actually are.

Turned out to be pretty trivial, it's just the file size as big endian. :)

Here's the change of mine: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~doonlunacy/libeastwood/trunk/revision/645

(For anyone else perhaps wondering what this is about, I've merged segra's code into my library;)

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