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Winds of Dune


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The next Dune novel has been renamed Winds of Dune (sometimes written as The Winds of Dune, not sure which one is right), from Jessica of Dune.  According to Kevin J Anderson, the reason behind this is because:

'We think it better conveys the large scope of the story, the epic feel of the novel, rather than implying it's just a small story about one person. Jessica is still the prominent character, but she isn't the only character and the story covers a lot of ground.'

Irulan of Dune has also been changed to The Throne of DuneWinds of Dune has been sent to the publishers after several edits from Brian and Kevin.  As with the previous KJA/BH books, Stephen Youll has created the cover art for the book which can be seen below.


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Yeah, and if you're really reading Kevin's blog you know that he was in New York the week before this decision he claims he and Brian made and talked to their editor at TOR.

Cut through the BS and read between the lines: Paul of Dune flopped and they changed the title to distance the next books from it.

This current tetralogy was billed as the "Heroes of Dune" series, with each of the volumes named after one of the main characters. How the hell do The Winds of Dune and The Throne of Dune fit in with the series theme now? (And what does that cover illustration have to do with anything, now?)

They've been mouthfarting around about these books since Hunters. If the original titles were "placeholders", they had more than enough time to decide on the final titles, wouldn't you say?

Hell, this next book was already publicized and listed on the online sellers like Amazon under the original title. And then they change it just half a year before it goes on sale?

You seem to be big on questioning authority figures like your instructors at uni. Why do you so willingly swallow the stories spewed out by these hacks?

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