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***Question about Easton Press Memorial edition of Dune***


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My GF is a huge dune fan and i wanted to purchase an Easton Press edition of Dune, however as i was searching around, i found that there seems to be 2 versions of this book.  One of them has a gold inlay border on the front and back cover of the book while the other one does not have the border. I have attached pictures of the 2 books.  Is there a difference between the 2 other than the gold border?  Also, is one more rare than the other? 

Another question, I have obtained a Frank Herbert signed book.  It is a Putnam Press first edition of "The White Plague".  I was thinking of cutting out the signature and mounting it into the Easton Press Dune book.  Is this just a terrible idea?  Would i be devaluing the book, and is the signed version of the White Plague valuable?

Any advice would be highly appreciated.

best regards,




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I think cutting out the signature and putting it in the Dune book is a really bad idea.

You would be devaluing the white plague book, while not helping the Dune book at all. If someone wants a Dune book + signature, you could always add the white plague for extra. That way they have the Dune + white plague, and a signature. I've never heard of someone cutting out a signature from one book to apply to another book.

No idea on rarity of Dune editions.

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Omphalos is probably the one to answer the rare editions question. Maybe he'll catch it here, but he'll be more likely to see it if you repost it at Jacurutu. (Where you've joined already as well, I note.)

Under no circumstances cut the signature from the book it was signed into. Or try to place it in another book. If you went to try to sell the second book later as a signed copy, it would probably be viewed as attempted fraud.

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