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hmm... i thought


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Dune died ?! Not till a long time from now. The gamez are still popular and Brain and Kevin just keep on publishing books. The dune "genre" is way to big at the moment to die any day soon.

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If you think that's weird.......

my mom is still playing... Mame games.

Those games are like 10 years old!  :O

Dune will always live. Dune will be more popular then Starwars!

The Executrix is not amused with Starwars.

*Grabs his Chemical weaponry and sprays deviator gas in front of Lucas art's, turning him into a slave. *

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*Puts his hand in his pocket and try's to grab something, he takes out a remote control pushes a small button. The Death hand missile turns into hundreds of bigger missiles and fly's towards Lucas Arts "Star wars scenes" *

Bye bye Jedi's... Yoda.. Luke.. Darth vader... The


Bye bye cute rancor

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