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Got the whole dune


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Like I said in another forum message:

So, I've tried to count them all...

I got:

6 sietches in Arrakeen area

4 sietches in Bleadn area

7 sietches in Haga area + 1 village

6 sietches in Ergsun area

2 siethces in Cielago area

3 sietches in Celymin area

5 sietches in Carthag area

5 sietches in Tuono area + 1 village

5 sietches in Habbanya area

5 sietches in Sihaya area + 1 village

4 sietches in Oxytn area + 1 village

8 sietches in Tsympo area + 1 village

Results: 60 sietches and 5 villages.

I'd be glad to know if I miss any of them. If you want I'll post the name of every sietch, so you can check if I miss anyone of them. Or if you want I could send you my savegame, so you can compare it to yours!

Reply soon


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Hiya, I'm a new member and I'm currently working on getting the 100% control of sietches in dune..I am in 59% so far so I have a long way to go. Can anyone please show/email (eyelidscar@hotmail.com) me their maps of the sietches they've found or tell me how to go to the each sietch, if it isn't too much trouble? I'd really appreciate it..if it helps even a little, from Ale84ms' list..I'm lacking one in Celymin (I have Timin and Harg) and Carthag (I have Harg, Tabr, Tuek and Timin), but I do think I'm missing more..also, out of curiousity..anyone know any cheats that mess with the game, like making the duke come with you or Harah even after you've left her in Tuono-Timin or anything like that? Thanks.

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Go green baby, plant more junk on the planet to drive the harkonens outta the planet those idiots dont love nature anyways lol I capture dthe entire planet but takes alotta startegy you may run outta water may run outta something else bla bla

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