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Any body wanna play DooM here?


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;) AAs per todays standard it may be an obsolete game but in truth it is the base and the revoultion in the 3d gmaig history and when talkin about DooM in DooM3 the esence of real dooming is lost today all games are just about 3d graphics and all that junk but still I dont say that todyas gaes are bad or very poor but you know old is gold ;)

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I'm not talking about the graphics, necessarily.  Strife, which uses the Doom engine, is one of my favourites all-time, as are several other games of that same era (and earlier - Elite II: Frontier, anyone?).  My point is that the gameplay is very rudimentary.  While it is an important part in the evolution of the FPS genre, many improvements have been made in all areas.

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and two good examples of the improvement you speak of I would say is Goldeneye and Perfect Dark.  I still play perfect dark.

Goldeneye was the first game to successfully bring the FPS to the console game, Perfect Dark, well they made the console FPS even better than goldeneye did.

I was kinda weird in the fact that I played Doom after I had played Goldeneye so I never got into it as much unfortunately, but I do remember when it was new and watching my friend play it.  It looked so cool!

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