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What's your favorite house ? (Don't pay attention to power)

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I would like to know what house you all like.

Most people online play Harkonnen since they seem to have a slight power edge but that doesn't mean it's the favorite house.

Personally I like house Ordos for multiple reasons:

- Their buildings have the coolest look, they really seem technological also.

- The House Ordos Lightning Strike is just so good and effective, to top it of it's not lame like the Atreides one and simple like the Harkonnen one.

- In the campaign you get a chick as mentat ! Pretty decent too as well ^_^

- Their planet is just awesome and beautiful, they say that snow that's been frozen for long enough can look like diamonds !

- The House Ordos logo really is well made, you don't get an ugly bull or a stupid bird, and everyone knows that a bite of a snake can easely kill a bull or a bird.

- Their introduction is really good, reminds me of The Borgs. They could have just said this: "Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated" since they said that in different words.

- I like to play them since their units are really fast, attacking and defending with Ordos is always fast paced.

House Ordos rulez !!!



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ordos, fast placed action with micro required.

harkonnen only have a slight edge because of the 10k fishers plain settings.

play a game with QM settings (smaller map & fog) and you'll get a different story.

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