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Elements of the Dune Encyclopedia used in KJA/BH's works.


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I just thought I'd compile a list of ideas from the DE used in KJABH's work.  The first thing I can think of, off the top of my head, is the idea of Vladimir Harkonnen having a father who was indifferent towards the Atreides, a mother who was bitter, and a brother who was retarded.

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What possible point does this topic have?

That Mohiam was Jessica's mother. Funnily enough, the only part of the Encyclopaedia that I know of which Frank Herbert did not approve of.

Still think the prequels were based on his notes?

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The way I remember it the only reason the Mohaim thing was even included in the DE was becuase the DE was supposed to hold some innaccurate information, to reflect the fact that it was taken from the, sometimes misleading, Rakis hoard.

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Dune talks about Gurney being a slave on Gedi Prime.  It was his siter that was murdered by them, not Duncans, which Frank Herbert either forgot about or retro-actively changed for GEOD.  He thinks about her while training Paul on Caladan.

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