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Scenes you'd like to see in the new Dune movie


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You know, it's a bit off-topic, but I remember having a very weird dream once, there was a battle between the Fremen and some unknown enemy (dressed like Trade Federation officials from Star Wars, but human, of course; they had those high hats, colored in red; I think they might have been Tleilaxu). Anyway, the setting was very picturesque, with high walls of rock and sandy valleys; and there was a very odd detail: some of the Fremen fighters were tugging young sandworms (about 4-5 meters in length I believe) on ropes into the battle (I have no idea what for; it was a dream, after all ;)) To sum up, this was much more spectacular than any battle scene in either Lynch's movie or the miniseries (although the miniseries are closer) :)

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