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Card Sagas Wars

Kirby Gotenks absorbed

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Have you played or seen Marvel Vs Capcom 1 or 2 or any of the Street Fighter Vs X-Men games? I'm sure you have at least played 1 or 2 of the 2D street fighter games. It seems similar to any of these games but most similar to the first two series I mentioned because it is a crossover game like those are. All of the cross over games I have played have always been excellent. Firstly, it's guaranteed that all of the characters will be excellent in terms of story, personality, e.t.c as they have all generally been given much more attention elsewhere than characters from other fighting games hence often guaranteeing good back stories, personalities, abilities, e.t.c. Not to mention, they are pick of the crop. The huge variety of fighting styles and abilities is an obvious plus. Perhaps this is just luck, but it seems that these cross over games always have great and skillful game mechanics and fighting system. Maybe it's because they can't rely on popularity as they rarely have established franchises, though this is questionable considering where the characters come from.

Of course, who knows if card sagas will follow suit.

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Update:  The game is nearing beta.  The last few updates have been describing the different sorts of moves you can do.  Chrono from Chrono Trigger is mentioned, and it seems likely he'll be one of the first characters to be added after the beta is released.  The beta will have four characters:  Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII); Link (Legend of Zelda series); X (Mega Man X); and KOS-MOS (Xenosaga series).

On a somewhat related note, they're apparently making a Mortal Kombat vs. DC Comics game.  Isn't that messed up?

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My wanted characters:

Wizard (Dungeons and Dragons)

Mewtwo (Pokemon)

Train (Black Cat)

Eve (Black Cat)

Ness (Earthbound)

Inoue (Bleach)

Gatomon (Digimon)

Gotenks (Dragonball Z)

Squall (Final Fantasy VIII)

Rinoa (Final Fantasy VIII)

Negi (Magister Negi magi Negima)

Asuna (Magister Negi Magi Negima)

Psylocke (Marvel)

Leo (Warzard)

Tessa (Warzard)

Your opinion?

Oh... Are you joking about the evil dog from power rangers? Who's Tyrael?

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No, I'm not joking.  Goldar rules.

Tyrael was an angel from Diablo II.  Although he still served heaven, he was a bit of a renegade, meddling in the lives of mortals more than was allowed.  He wears a brown hood and armour, and has these huge tentacle-like wings.  Here's a cutscene from the game featuring Tyrael.

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Goldar freaking looks like this.  That's what Goldar does that's so cool.

Also, if you go to the site, and check out the "cards" section, it'll show you all the characters they might add to the game.  The Blue Deck is for main characters (heroes; villains), while the Red Deck is for general baddies (blue slime; moblin; goomba).  Don't know what the Green Deck is for yet.

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I think green is for secret characters.

Goldar looks quite cool considering that he's from Power Rangers.

Also, if you go to the site, and check out the "cards" section, it'll show you all the characters they might add to the game.

There's so many of them, so I have no clue which of them they'll add...

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Q: How many characters will have the complete game?

A: We plan to continue releasing characters for a long time so there is no determined number of characters.

Q: Are you going to put all the characters in the Card Gallery in CSW?

A: No. That would be almost impossible since there are tons of characters in the Card Gallery.

Nobody knows, except perhaps the design team.  But by looking at the trailers, you can probably expect to see Master Chief (Halo), Chrono (Chrono Trigger), Bowser, Donkey Kong, Samus (Metroid), and Chun-Li (Street Fighter 2 series) after the initial four characters from the beta.

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