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Poor Shaddam D2TM3,5DEM


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Not even Emperor Shaddam IV could stop the Fedaykin Death Squads.

(Yeah yah, i know its not shaddam.)

Other than the computer not being able to counter the ridiculous amount of tanks I threw at it.

Or the AI that dies out after a few vicious attacks.

(These might have been said)

- Enemy Carry All Picks up a destroyed harvester and flies around the map looking to drop nothing somewhere. It happens when the call for return is issued by the harvester when it is full, then is destroyed while the carry-all is in route to pick it up.  I repeated this several times on mission 9. 

Note: It corrects itself when called from another full harvester.

- Enemy Units get stuck at Factories. (Nothing new, not really worth saying either I've seen it in every dune 2 game I've played.

- If you build multiple Refinery's you might notice that carry-all's drop harvesters on top of eachother in the same Refinery.

Note: The harvester gets picked up and dropped at an empty refinery eventually. 

I'm not sure if it was the amount of refinery's I had(12) or harvesters (Well over triple that).


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Its a gathering of two strike forces, that attacked the flanking bases.  I've always played the defense in RTS, stockpiling men, using only what i have to for defense, then launching massive attacks once i feel that the enemy has exhausted there units.   

The AI just doesnt know what to do about such a massive build up lol.


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Lol. Wow, nice army indeed.

Did the army do 'nothing' ? I do know there is some sense in the AI that tries to even up with your forces. So it won't attack when you have such a huge army, it just does not makes sense to do so, does it? ;-)

Well, basicaly the the AI sucks, but thats a different story.

Very cool to see people still playing it. I really should revive this thing. but then i have to rewrite 50% again to make it work on my Mac AND windows.. So much to do, so  little time.

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I'm almost positive that one day.. one day, The well known stefan of the dune community will achieve his vision. I've never rushed any of my projects, had finished less than half of them lol.. specially in the JKO world, I'm planning on a total conversion for Quake-Wars. I believe that game will be explosive so.. might as well share in the spot light.

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If you mean the one near the left side of the screen, it seems to be two red stars that indicate unit veterancy status. Red stars on a blue Atreides tank surely can look odd and confusing... Maybe some other colors/shapes could be used?

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I didn't recognize the stars myself until I looked at the two yellow stars on some other unit that are more clearly seen. My first thought was that the red things on the missile tank were part of a new missile firing graphics.

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