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Another idea might be to give each person who's available to write a major character in the team, and get them to go away and write a few sentences about how each of them feels and reacts towards their specific job, towards the war in general, towards the other characters, the sardaukar, the Atreides, the natives, and the Fremen.

Back to this idea, lets have each person pick a character briefly outlined above (or another if those arn't favorable) and fill out some ideas about it. I'll take whatever's left.

If anyone wants to modify or continue the above intro, feel free of course.

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Unless anyone has any objections, I'll work on 3, Artillery support. I'd also like to cast him as the enthusiastic guy in the opining dialogue. I'll edit this post as I work on the descriptions.

Attitude towards Job Description

He's obviously aware that he's the lowest ranked, but doesn't question it - and doesn't really notice that he's essentially the dogsbody. Deeper down, he's probably too worried about doing something wrong to worry about his position.

View of war

Keen on war, in a slightly starry-eyed way. The assumption is there that the war they'd be fighting would be a patriotic one, though it doesn't really enter his mind much - he just wants some fun.

Personal history

Lost his family in a fire, and lied about his age so as to conscript and avoid starving on the streets. Very grateful to the military, and immerses himself in the job so as to keep him from thinking about the alternative - or his family.

Relationship with team

1) The captain makes an obvious father-figure, though it takes a little time to get the bond going. Whenever the captain's around, 3 will straighten up and will never mess around, even if the captain's in a merry mood.

2) As 3's immediate superior, 3 will generally rely on 2 to take the initiative and give directions. Oh, and a sort of validation. 3 sees 2 as a bit like an elder brother.

4) 3 will happily go along with most things 4 says. Doesn't so much look up to him as finds him good company when he wants to unwind - he doesn't mind making a fool of himself in front of 4.

5) 3 is actually quite scared of 5. As 3 maintains a general chirpiness, he feels uneasy in the presence of 5's grim sobriety.

Opinions about other factions

Sardaukar: 3 thinks of them less as 'shock-troopers' and more as 'marines' - the ultimate soldier. He probably dreams of being taken up by the Sardaukar in the levy.

Atreides: Very distrustful of them. Would have no problem swallwing 'pre-emptive strike' propaganda, and believe it's complete self-defence.

Fremen: While most harkonnens probably considers them scum, 3 is curious. The whole guerilla think has a sort of romance about it that 3 can't get away from.

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Here I am, her I am. I'm sorry for the negligence I've shown towards this - school has just started and I'm already getting bad grades, so I when I do get onto Fed2k, I only pop in and out for a few minutes.

Since I've claimed the trooper, I might as well get to work on his background. :)

Attitude towards job description:

Is fine with being a foot soldier. He acknowledges the fact that he is below the leader because he lacks the neccessary organisation an leadership skills but is happy that he is above artillery support and on par with the rest.

View of the war:

He looks upon it as a "must do" type of thing. He'd much rather be at home with his family, but since this war is unescapable, he might as well suck it up and get it over with.

Personal history:

Stable. Has a wife and child on Giedi Prime and worked in a well-paying job before being conscripted into the army. In short, the average Joe.

Relationship with others:

1) Views him as a superior person and treats him as such. Not best friends, but they maintain a sort of brotherly bond between them.

2)Enjoys his quirkiness, but is otherwise rather distant from him.

3)Viws him as a runt, but not neccessarily in the bad way. Likes to joke around with him and make him feel uncomfortable in general.

4)Is good friends with him. They are drinking buddies, swapping stories and other such nonsense between them. Probably the closest to him out of the whole group.

Opinions of other factions:

Sardaukar: Views them as distanced from reality and god-like. Looks upto them heavily nad has great respect for them. Does believe, though, that they are a bit pompous.

Atreides: Does not have an opinion as such on them. They are the enemy, therefore they must be destroyed. Kill or be killed.

Fremen: Nuisances. Does not hate or despise them, but views them as mosquitoes, meaning if they get to annoying or too close, kill them.

There we go, for now. I'll come up with a name a bit later.

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Here I am, her I am. I'm sorry for the negligence I've shown towards this - school has just started and I'm already getting bad grades, so I when I do get onto Fed2k, I only pop in and out for a few minutes.

It's ok; we've all got things that we need to do before extra fun stuff like this. I just hope that everyone that so far has expressed interest manages to find a little time to put in some ideas. X minds are better than X-n, and a lot better than 1 when X > 1 and n > 0.

For you trooper, could he also be the first guy in the initial plot outline?

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Figure I'll do the Artillery Specialist, since he seems to be a gritty, low-voiced kind of guy. Here goes:

Attitude towards job: He's career military, because it's the only thing that lets him kill people in many different ways without worrying about the legal matters. As long as he's allowed to do the job, he'll slip behind enemy lines and have fun with the enemy.

View of the war: He has nothing back at home, with his few family that were also in the military already KIA. The battlefield is his home, and boy does he love coming home.

Personal History: A couple arrests prior to his enlisting, involving assault and battery. He was sent to trial for the strange death of an official that was publicly known to be against war, but when no evidence of a toxin was found the case was forced to be closed and he was set free without conviction. Went through early educational training, but dropped out to learn on his own what he thought was important: chemistry, anatomy, and various other subjects. As soon as he was 17, he enlisted and excelled in specialist tactics.

Relationship with others: The few that catch his mumblings are wary of him, but overall seem to get along with him. He works at fitting in with the platoon and at the same time to keep his thoughts to himself - but often he lets a couple slip and tries to play it off if he feels somebody heard. Otherwise, he'll leave the area and either read his books on Poisoning and You, clean his assault rifle, or lace his knife with his favorite poisons. Doesn't let much get known about him, but a couple rumors are floating. He's generally a smaller fellow, so is less intimidating to the people who don't know him. Sometimes gets made fun of, but they soon regret that. The occasional outbursts get him in trouble with the higher echelon.

Views of the other factions: He looks up to the Sardaukar for being a killing machine, but is distasted by their brute-force manner. If he got the chance to join the Sardaukar and perform his hobbies for the Emperor, he would jump at it and try to get into a less brute-force position, like special tactics. He feels the Sardaukar get to play with better toys than he gets to.

He doesn't hate the Atreides, but he does enjoy mutilating them and hearing their cries when his poison goes into effect. Like a kid with a magnified glass playing with ants, he enjoys that he gets to fight the Atreides. Not much of an opposition for him.

He despises the Fremen, but believes they will die out soon so he doesn't fear them. They will not give him the satisfaction of screaming for mercy, or in pain, and usually kill themselves before he gets the chance to. He has no fun when he fights them.

Comments are welcome!

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Yeah, auxiliary. Must've read it wrong. A name? lol whoops. Um, Nema what's a good name that describes his dark side but is not apparent? Like a first name of Mal, short for Malus (latin for evil, bad) which people would think is short for Malcolm.

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