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What's the best BO for ATR against rush (10k)


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Depends on map and the enemie House.

You can try, windtrap > Fac > Barracks > Ref > Ref > Sard > Sard > Sard > Ref

After building Fac and Barracks start pumping Bikes and Light Infantry, but scout the map first and then u can see what the enemie is up to.

If he rushes keep pumping units and slowly try to keep building the economoy up.

After second Ref dont build sards immediately but rather upgrade the 2 first to max then make sards or youll be out of money fast enough.

But there are more things to do about beating a rush than just BO, like

*try to fight in ure spice field

*Good timing when to use ure units for offence and when to retreat a little

*When in deep trouble run to base and once he follows deploy turret and fight around it

*If the enemie has more units, that doesnt mean a loss to you.

Mind over Matter :)

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sucks bo,

dont use it , u will run out of money

and it can t stop a buzz rush cuz u will get no money after to protect ur spice and he will grow up quick

U may use ref barrac fac ref

u need just try do it quick

u need train ur speed building

so u will get it easy

a advising

Fix barrack behind refinary cuz u need back off ur infantary behind ur harvs to DISPEAL control + shift from enemy cuz they will hit harvest and not ur army.

that is the secret to stop a early rush

protect ur army in base next to harvs , so u can get a advantage of getting time to get bikes and turrets


u can use too barrack ref fac  OR

barrack barrack barrack ref fac ref ref

have fun dude


Remember , it depend of speeed building at early.

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