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If you can stand some criticism...


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Lately I've discovered the joy of picking a title of a book/movie/game I really like, and then put the word "sucks" behind it, enter that as search query for Google and see what results it comes up with.

So I did with my all time favorite Dune, and look what one of the first results got me:


Although the review itself is about the Children of Dune miniseries, the author mostly critisizes Dune itself. Read it if you can stand some criticism, and then smile on how the author completely misses the point.

Don't forget to read the comments as well.

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I don't know what my opinion on God Emperor was before, but after reading this review on Children of Dune, God Emperor shouldn't have its own movie. Crappers like this guy just throw crap about without understanding anything. But then again, those are pretty reasonable questions. I asked some of them on occasion too. But then again (yet again), the books are quite difficult to understand.

Pretentious? My ass.

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seriously, pretentious... Its soft science fiction! lol

as soon as he started talking about artificial eyes in the books I could see he had absolutely no credibility.

This story takes place after the rise and fall of many ancient empires, where technology became so advanced that people destroyed it and cursed it! Humanity has evolved culturally into something completely alien. That and many other things is what makes Dune so awesome.

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I chuckled. Someone obviously hasn't read the books. Do they mention it in the miniseries?

In the beginning it is mentioned. Remember in the beginning, where the blinded son is crying: "I'm blind! Please don't send me into the desert, father!"

It's an implication at least.

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