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Your most used strategies

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Mmm.. just to read some funny stuff I start a topic like this  :P. I gues we'll read here many n00b stuff  ;D

I'll start with my first strategies when I was kinda newbie:

1) 30K - Harkonnen

rax > fac > ref > ref > Ix > ...

- scout

- rush with 1 engineer on foot

- max troopers

- max buzzs


- when failed : go to subhouse Ix and make maaaaany projectors

2) 30K - Atreiders - Fishers Plain

rax > fac > hangar > tower > tower > tower > ...

- scout

- build a few snipers to stop the scouts

- build 5 engies

- build apc

- build advanced carryal

- ENGGIEEEE ATTAAAACCCKK with towers in the enemy base

- when failed : max mino's ~ sardaukar

3) 30K - Ordos - Knife Fight

This was my most popular strategy, I won 9 times out of 10 and reached the clanladder #1 with it (together with ords, leo1990, warskum , skorpija,...).

rax > fac > hangar > ref > ref

- scout

- a few gaz

- mix of dust scouts / lasers / kobra's

- maaany EITS

- EITS attack on factories/rax/subhouses/...

- invade with tanks

- when failed : block his spice with tanks

4) 30K - Harkonnen - Knife fight

fac > rax > sardaukar > fremen > fac > sardaukar > rax > ref > ref

- build as many as I can and rush

5) 5K - Harkonnen - Knife fight

fac > ref > ...

- buzz rush, kinda easy

Yeah I know, kinda newbie strategies  ;D Almost all 30K... probably becuz almost everyone played 30K or qm settings that times. Nowadays for 10K there aren't any good strategies anymore in my opinion. The best thing is just to play standard and micro good & build fast. Altough I haven't any 'special strategy' that beats the 'normal strategy'. Maybe itz becuz i don't play that often/good  :)

The people also agreed that my EITS rush was lame.. ah well... not my problem  ;D

But now i'm really interested to hear some other strategies... strategies that u use now or strategies that u used 3 years ago waaay back when u were a little newb =)

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I don't mean ur strategy that u use nowadays... (if u use one, i don't...  :-)

But i mean like the most used strategies that u used in ur entire life in emperor. The ones I wrote there I used around 2001-2002. Now ok I understand that newer players never really had many different strategies becuz everyone is like building the same now.

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back in the days before anyone actually knew how to play

myself and a mate used to swap subs/main structures  and hustle a way to grab their yard  whether it be one goes atr the other goes ordos  using stealth apcs(with engis) and deviators and carryalls

we'd rock up with a split shared army and undelpoy the apc and ready the carry and devi for when they try undeploy the yard to defend agenst the engis,then the devi would rock up  :]  promptly with a  adv carry...

this ws before i lent my jewel case and had the paper backing of the case go missing

back in the day when all of you were classified as noobs :P

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well in that case i am not an old player and i must say i learned all i know from you guys

by using the copy and paste method  ;D..

but i like lots of spice (coz am spicy) even if i got smaked at the start (so i am weak at the start) and i never use the same way to fight deffrnt houses.. eatch house have its own anty weapon and speed to me as a hark player . i leech planty of  infentry on another hark player and i try to

speed up m air stricks but not on the account of ground ablety....

as for atreids the case is deffrent.. so is the bo... i usaly open my fac door to over machine them

with planty of anty air deffence (elit sard,aa,missle tanks.air turret..ex) so i get them realy

tierd trying to kill me from above...and i never make air not even carry alls coz a good atr player

would never alow me 2 and it will be a waste of money... expet for some fast devo drops is a chance was on...

ordos!!?? humm i dunno about them...do you?lol

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I like to play 10k or 5k, 12k. but when 30k hmm...I like to play that tatics sometimes

atr..about 3 fremen camp with 3 fac and pumping out sandbike with geese till mino hoard and mass fedaykin(unless opponent go hanger)but against atr..most guys then used directly went apc+eng drop so i made some geese and fremen(if they tried to drone or drop, i went worm-rider)

hark...straight up make dev(bar fac hanger starport...ref ref...)

I didnt play with ordos then..  ::)

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