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Ordos Cloaking Unit

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Have groups of atleast two light infantry all around and inside of your base so it will surely be killed before it blows a building. Also you can just wall up the entrances to your base to block them permanently.

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I mean what you do is wall up the entrances, then when your ready to move sell the walls that are blocking you and when everyone has moved out put up walls again. But you might also want to put infantry nearby incase a Saboteur sneaks in. It's cheap and easy :)

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Lol ... just listen to the guy before me what he said... just have about 4 groups of 5 troopers.. spread them out and push "x" to make them spread ... that should do it.. and maybe a quad or so in the group of them... do that for all entrances... and you should be fine... lol..

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