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Emperor runs very slow,someone please help


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What level of graphics setting are you using?

If it is very high, drop to lowest setting and see if it runs quicker.

If you are already at lowest setting - check your graphics card drivers (search on Dune2K for advice) sometimes you need the latest to work, sometimes you need to drop to an older driver...

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My graphics level is set to low.  My PC specs are;

                      Intel celeron processor (633MHz)

                        64MB total system memory

                        11MB video memory

                        15.0GB hard drive

                        56K modem

                        5BW220-5000 series

                          compaq presorio

  everything on the game is working perfectly except it is is slow,  all other games I play works great like age of empire dune 2000 etc.

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what type of video card hav e you got exactly?

is it say as old as a 3dfx voodoo?    or nvidia riva tnt?  what?

as pointed out...turn everything to lowest...including the 'advanced' settings 'multitexture' -the killer! and 'hardware T&L' -turn off if you've got anything less than a geforce 2

also  yea get more ram hehehe  128 meg at the least

and save up and get a cheapo video card --anything under 100-au- will do fine

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