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A Galaxy of War


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Good Morning, Afternoon and night to you all. I am Scoote, new member, newly arrived. I was directed here by the one with CL in his name "CLameza" or something like that ((Sorry dude, your not online and I can't remember how to spell it)) anyways!

Since this is my first Fic/RP/Whatever you want to call it, I am not expecting large number of replies, but it would at least be nice to get some welcome to the forums. ANYWAYZ!

The story is thus.

In about twelve years, earth is hit by a stunning turn of events. All satalites go offline misteriously, and many people start complaining. The governments of earth are trying to work out whats going on.

Australia goes up in flames. Not small flames either, the continent has simply everything on its surfance burnt to ash. As the waters fill in the new part of their extent, this begins on various other sections of the planet. Africa and South america are both reduced to cinders. Governments of corse begin firing their weapons blindly, hoping to hit something, and a flash in the sky that illuminates the whole world. In space, right above their heads, is the Marnikaran Planetoid Craft Mainia.

The remaining world watchs ((Rather blindly, since they have precious little to see with)) as flash after flash illumniates the sky. Humanity watches as the massive war craft is slowly worn down by invisable forces ((Enter the saviour fleet)) and eventually simply breaks up and begins to fall apart in the atmosphere. The fleet in orbit send down a transmission in English ((How do they speak that?!))telling the humans the earth needs to be evacuated. Now, humans are all taken up without a choice, and shipped off to a world very similar to earth ((In fact, its an exact replica...what is going on here?))

Anyway, humans are taught all about galatic polotics and such, given the technology to get FTL and then the people that save them just bugger off. Humanity sorta takes stock, then we start expanding quite quickly.

Fast foward about...A thousand years. There are hundreds of human empires, streching form Single systems to Controling More then Eight hundred worlds. They are joining the other races of the galaxy as a power ((Rather, they ARE a power, and a fairly large one at that)). Now, there are many other races as well, this is where we step in.

You may take control of one of the human Empires, or the ALien ones. Your fleets will not consist of millions, but you should generally be able to get a fair number of craft. Now, this will be free form, you can choose how much you start off with ((Keep it reasonable though, not everyone will have a massive number of worlds)) and keep production reasoable.

Now, please state your race, Number of worlds and info, such as I will now.

The Marnikara: The Marnikarans are a race of largely built Tripedals. They evolved on the world Narithus, and stand three meters tall. their bodies are very reptilian, and their inner bodies produce an array of advantages in fitness. Their hearing is worse then a human, and their society can generally be to loud for humans to bear.

The MArnikarans do not have worlds as such. They have two major living spaces. Orbitals and World ships.

Orbitals are massive rings that produce their own gravity, via the spin they have. they are built with a direction TOWARDS the systems Star, and the rotation of the Orbital will give the entire thing nessersary light.

The second MAjor Living space is the World ships. These craft are massive, and are built inside the rings of the Orbitals. They move around, a living space and under neath that massive factories and staging areas. This is the might of the Marnikara, their ships are generally smaller, cheaper and easy to produce, thus they may fight superior enemies, but at a ratio per battle of Ten to one.


Orbitals with more then One trillion: 13

Oribtals with more then One Billion: 44

Oribtals with less then One Billion: 134

World ships with more then ONe Billion: 20

World ships with Less then one Billion: 152

World ships with Aproximatly One million: 1049

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YEa thats the one, now, as for it being brief, there are two reasons.

1) I wanted people to actually work on it from there, it give an idea of what you need to start and I figured that would be sufficient.

2) I had dinner to cook, that Stuff was REALLY GROSS! ((Meat is really GROSS!))

So yea, lets work from it, now, I must go, BED AND SUCH!

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Hmm. To join, or not to join? ... Alright, I'll join. But I may not be fully active as I still have Factions 2 and Underwater War IV to consider. Now, anyone remember The Dogs of War? I never used my race there to a decent extent. I'll give them another shot.

The Azt'k.

The Azt'k are reclusive, not given to expansion or exploration. Their home planet is mostly covered by unspoiled wilderness, the vast majority of which is pine forests and swamp. While other races cut down their forests to make more room, the Azt'k built up and down instead. Their cities are few and far between, stretching high into the sky and deep into the ground. Since there are no massive bodies of water on the planet (no oceans, and only a few seas) but plenty of land, the Azt'k are rich in coal, put poor in oil. And without oil, there is no plastic.

The Azt'k ships, therefore, are metallic. They are huge, heavy, and for the most part difficult to maneuovre. They are also powered by one machine that is unique to this culture. The Haemotube. The Haemotube powers all of the ships. On the planet they use wind energy and geothermals but in space... the Haemotube. Every ship has one. A massive compartment, dotted with wires, filled to the brim with blood.

This is why many races dislike the Azt'k. They enslave other Azt'k, breeding them and slaughtering them for their blood, to power the ships. It is also, one surmises, why the Azt'k rarely leave their own system, though they have charted extensively, and why among many civilisations they are known as 'The Vampires.' (In the same way that the BG were known as witches) Several hundred years ago, the Azt'k launched an invasion force into several nearby systems, enslaving the civilisations therein. These systems are now abandoned, as the Azt'k were forced out by a unified effort of several other races. Thee still hold small populations of these captive slave races.

The Azt'k upper classes are tall and humanoid. Their whole bodies are long and thin, fingers, legs, everything. Their jaws are long, and it is the fashion among them to file their canines to points, to mock their nickname. They have leathery wings, which add to the image, but cannot fly without mechanical aid. These can be used as powerful weapons though. Upper class Azt'k use various wing positions to indicate emotion, respect, or other signals, in the same way as humans use body language and facial expression. Skin colour varies from pure white to deepest black, with most shades of grey in between. These Azt'k can live for up to five hundred of their years (roughly four hundred and fifty of ours).

The lower class are a different story. They are rarely seen. They are shorter, and their wings are removed at birth. They lead short, unhappy lives. They are always pale, since they are bled throughout, and loss of blood makes them dull, and lifeless. They stare ahead most of the time, doing and possibly thinking nothing. They rarely live more than thirty years.

There we go. The Azt'k are not well liked by others, and have a sinister history and repuation. Nevertheless, they have kept to themselves for a long time now. Perhaps things have changed...

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I will join up and write my intro sometime soon.

Here we go.

The Vero

The Vero are a race of evolved humans, more alien than human. They are somewhat expansive, beating back some lower power every once in a while to gain a new mining colony or planet that has minerals that can produce Wift(a drug most Vero are at least mildly addicted to), but for the most part keep to their own affairs. The Vero homeworld is lacking agriculturally, but makes up with it's massive production capabilities. It's capital city is Sarantinum, a large, sprawling metropolis. The world is powered by coal, oil, and other fossil fuels. Many mountain ranges have become home to rich men seeking a retreat frrom the normal city life, although the noxious fumes and dark, rolling clouds are hard to escape anywhere. The seas are black and dirty from toxic waste and garbage coloring them to a deep brown color, and although most of the sky is blanketed by black rolling clouds, the few light that does get through reflects off of the brownish water and produces a brown sky. Beneath the major cities on the world(Which is called Vera) are miles and miles of catacombs, sewers, and other pharaphernalia.

Taking into consideration that the world is dark and cloudy always, it is no wonder that it's inhabitants are pale skinned. Most of them look like modern-day albinos, but others are even lighter. Nor is it a wonder that they suffer from a host of lung problems, although many have mechanical lungs to stop this. Another thing about the Vero - most of the population are cyborgs. Almost any man,woman, or child you meet on Vera will have some sort of supplement to aid their frail biological body, be it leg or eye. Most of the population has a medium build, since too fat is considered sloppy and weak, and too thin is viewed as having some sort of genetic disorder. It is unknown of what the government is composed of. The Vero use slave labor - but not the kind you would think. Robotic workers are worked until they short-circuit or burst into flames.  The lifespan of an average Vero civilian is 60 years.

Vero ships are big and usually meant to take and dish out a large amount of firepower, but each craft that is larger than a frigate(firgate included) has a swarm of thousands upon thousands of small flying robots called MicroInterceptors, who are, at the core, mini fighters. Each frigate, eahc destroyer, each carrier, cruiser, or battlestatino has many thousands of these laser wielding bots stored ready for use.

Times are changing. The galaxy is changing. And unbeknownst to the other factions, in secret underground locations in secret secluded places, secret factories never stop to rest while pumping out millions of secret robots of war...

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I'll start this off, mmk?

Melc looked over his domain, the city of Ozma, an industrial port city.

The Port of Crime, eh?

He scoffed. He knew that he ruled here, no matter how many outlaws and felons there were in his city. His secret police heard everything, knew of any subterfuge long before it happened. Every day, hundreds of phone calls were recorded to be used as blackmail or evidence. His robot soldiers marched the streets, enforcing deadly peace.  Melc smiled. HE was in charge, and no one else. Picking up a datapad, Melc put in several passwords, said "Melc Ornium" to the voice recognition, and pressed his thumb, index finger, and pinkie to gian access to his top-secret reports. Scanning quickly through, he found that he had one new message. Melc was surprised to see that it had come directly from the Caliph, the ruler of Vera.

My dear friend Melc, the message read.

I have sent you this message to tell you about some possible threats to our plans. The largest one are the Marnikarae. Recently, my very trusted spies have informed me that the numbers of the Marnikarae are in the trillions. This is very disturbing, as we have, fully combat ready, only several billion robot soldiers, as I'm sure you know. Secondly, the Marnikarae do not have any worlds, as you no doubt know. They inhabit those filthy "World Ships" and "Orbitals". This gives us an advantage in combat, but the system has merits, so I am hereby commanding you to start producing at at least a 5% increase on capitol ships. Secondly, there are the Azt'k. We do not have much intelligence on them, but they seem bloodthirsty enough to warrant cautiousness. And they are intelligent, and intelligent and bloodthirsty are a smart combination. I will keep you updated.

Sincerely, Caliph Proo.

Melc seemed lost deep in thought. Then he deleted the message and went back to work. 

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Xorlandakunare sat on the stool, his body aching as he did. He smiled softly, rubbing the scaled skin upon his chest. He looked at the table before him, a Holomap of the locations of All the Marnikaran assets where avalible. He smiled to himself, the nature of the Government was to allow freedom of any marnikaran to veiw this system, which lacked military instilations and secret bases, and ment the people where not unhappy with how the government was run. He smiled, that was in peace time, in war, such as the battle of earth a thousand years prior ((He scratched his back leg at the memory)). He laughed, standing as he moved to the far window.

"Quitara," He said into a comunications device. "Would you be so kind as to bring me the files?"

"Yes Fleet father" he heard a sullen reply. He smiled as he heard the heavy footfalls of the Marnikaran. He took the datapad from the boy and nodded for him to leave. When the boy did so, the pad was placed into a slot on the table. the map changed, revealing a number of reports that had been written.

"Hm...interesting...the Animals where saved...their spreading" he laughed to himself, his eye twiching. "Their numbers are great...yet their invidual?" He laughed to himself. This was one of the most foolish things ever. He shrugged, looking at the other animals, there where many, he took the infomation in quickly, before removing the pad. "Complacency has allowed them to grow...we may once more begin the clean out. We can't have our gardens damaged..." he smiled to himself, then he laughed.

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The Archemandrians (Archeman) Arch-Ei-Man-Drians

These Beings are an industrious yet conservative race. they look like eagles yet they have human like heads, they have a gold shinny beak. there bodies have feather covered human arms and eagle clawed legs. they have feathers all over them but there head is bear and there hair are long thin multi colours feathers.they have wings and they are able to fly but due to there size they can remain in flight for a shot time.

there planet, Argenar (Arg-En-Ai-Er) is one quarter tree lands and other plantations, one quarter is industry and the other half is ocean. Thus assisting in the production of hydrogen, the fuel they use to power there factories and the trees supply them with liquid oxygen to power there warships.

this race is obsest with exploration and warfare. they are well trained and are leathal when unarmed, using there sharp Talons to tear there foes to pieces. There warships are comprised with Oxy-explosive warheads launched out of there massive cannons the can pierce any armour yet weak on sheilds. there minor units are metalic mechs made in the image of tehre Eagle god with a simple oxy-combusting hydrogen shell launcher and some minor oxy-tipped bullet machine guns that pierce thru most armour and yet again. weak on sheilds.

This race specialize in foot warfare. there battle suits (Very Strong armour made of a Rare mineral only found on there planet called Remandrium) armed with machine guns that with one shot can blast a hole of 3 squared centremetres in an average human body. thus creating an unstopable force of Heavy weapons and mounds of armour.

This race has a population of atleast 33 trillion, sustained by its gigantic planet this spares them with many warriors to command there Archeman Armies. these are not a race to be Tamperd with.

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Chapter One.

The Preperation

Gremash walked anxiously across the shinny metalic floor was if he was waiting for somthing. a sudden beeping came from the desk in front of him. He pressed a flashing green button, a hologram shoots up and shows an Archemandrian Commander in full Battle gear. "Greetings Gremash. how are you going with the production of oxygranium?" ( liquid oxygen) "it is going well Drangro. Our Oxy-extractolaters are Running at full production." Gremash says slowly "Exelent. You are doing well Gremash. I think you will get a much needed promotion in times to come. Get the oxygranium to the docks as soon as possable. the Enermy Races are dawning into our system. and they can not go un punished."  " Yes sir". The hologram fades back into the desk. Gremash lets out a long sigh and says "So much to do and so less time to do it". he walks over to a door that automaticly opens. Gremash walks out to a small balcony and overlooks a vast empire of Factories and many barrels moving over to a flat landing. A large cargo ship lands there and hastly picks up the barrels and shoots back off to space.

Gremash starts walking back and forth of the balkony waiting for his transport to pick him up. a small ship cruises up to the balcony and Gremash slowly walks into it. the ship quikly shoots off to a large Cruidship hovering slowly up in the sky. once the transport has docked, the war Cruiser flies out to space. "Gremash. pleased that you could join us." "ah Bryfang. hows the war going?" "it is going good thankyou. infact we are about to go to your first war observation." "are you sure bryfang?" "dont worry. we'l be protected by AT-EX-30 Battle suits with specific orders to shoot to kill on any unit coming to close to us." "Exelent. we must go to the observation deck at once!"

They both hastly move to an awaiting elevator with 2 following guards. They arrive at a round clear glass dome where have a 360 view of the area. with there eagle eyes they have no need for view magnifyers (binoculares).

BryFang calls out briefly "Incoming enermys 128 degrees!!! Rally the ships in defencive mode!" "whats going on?" Gremash relpys "arn we ment to be in attackive mode?"

"we underestemated the enermy. these enery's units are sheild based. were only equiped for a armour battle." "sooo. this meens what?" gremash says curiously "it meens were no where near equiped for these enermys. we have no option but to retreat." "no way are we reatreating! if we do they will smash right thru out plantetary defences and that will be the end of us! there msut be another way. what weapons do you have in your arsenal?" "err we have hydroginium (hydrogen) and oxygrandium warheads along with some basic atomic proto types. it would be way to harmfull to use them here. we have no idea what it would do." "thats good then. we will use them and hope that they solve our problem... get our units on a cycle to the arsenal and equip them with the Atomic proto types." "alright.. i'll order them to do so but for now we wait"

be sure to look out for the next chapter

Chapter 2

The War begins

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Well, this seems to be moving rather slowly... But I do need a break from House Trebeis, so what the hell.

Travvivian Empire, Composed of the Trav'Lok'Tans.

The Trav'Lok'Tans, are an industrious and proud race. What they keep secret however, is their dark past.

Originally intended to be Fodder for an ancient Alien races' war machine, these creature closely resemble extremely powerful humans. Bred over thousands of years to be nothing but dumb brutes, they still acquired a rather large collective intelligence. Soon, they were put into higher places in their enslaver's society and military. They naturally took advantage of the situation, and around the time of the Battle for Earth, they revolted and quickly assimilated the former enslavers into their new Collective society. Over the years, the Trav'Lok'Tans created a massive, collective empire. However, there were elements within the empire, that did not support the direction of the Government. Which was to force biological implants and such on the population, which forced their genes to be altered to that of the Collective Trav'Lok'Tans within a generation. These "Non" Collectives soon broke away from the Collective Trav'Lok'Tans, and a massive Civil war erupted. After years and years of conflict, the Collectives victored and forced Assimilation upon the others. Soon however, the newly unified Travvivian Empire, exhausted by Civil war, was overrun by the Terran-Humans. The empire reduced to just over 300 planets, they spent the next 100 years defending this remnant, and rebuilding their fleets. Although the exact locations of things within the closed Travvivian Empire are un-known, it's assumed that they have succeeded in these tasks, and may possibly soon be seeking to regain their lost planets.

The Collective Travvivian Imperial Fleet has a range of different ships. From Carriers, transporting the small, one seat fighters. Light Corvettes, Frigates and Destroyers. However, they truly come into their own when you get to the Capital ships. Enabled by these biological mutations to telepathically link up with other Collectives, the larger ships and fleets are models of efficiency. The huge Cruisers, Battleships, Dreadnoughts and Juggernoughts are massive, heavy hulled and armed to the teeth. And they can be effortlessly coordinated by linked Trav'Lok'Tans. They do however have one weakness. Their internal turmoil badly damaging their research, most of these ships are under-developed. They almost always carry high maintenance costs, so they are mainly stationary and Defensive. There is huge projects under-way to overcome these obstacles however. Still, new Offensive ships will need to be designed and built.


Defensively= Hard-asses.

Offensively= Infants.

"The overmind doooes nooot accept yoooour lateness." The Speaker-Creature said simply, it's face and body slack from the intense connection.

"Yooooou will begin research and prooooduction of the new classes ooooof ooooffensive ships. TTQ56119, if yoooou fail us, you will surely be remooooved from the Coooollective."

The Trav'Lok'Tan nodded, and hurried off to issue the neccisary orders.

Offensive Ship Research- 0% @ 2% pp.

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Chapter 2

The War begins

Gremash ponders over the situation and says "The enemy is drawing closer" "i am aware of this gremash! there is no need to keep informing me!" Bryfang replys in a burst of anger. bryfang slowly walks over to the glass and looks down breifly "Are you sure this will work Gremash? the last thing we want is to be left defencless and be destroys because of my false judgment!" bryfang argues "yes yes yes... i am aware of that and i will take full..." Gremash was interupted by a loud explosion "what was that?" gremash shouted "it is the enemy. They have broken through our perimeter!"

Bryfang he pulls out a command pad and calls into it "start firing the main cruiser cannons!" multiple Loud explosion as the cannons launched there Hydrogen shells. the shells drew closer to the enemy and exploded apon there ships with no effect. "Load up the atomic shells and test them!" BryFang says into his command pad. Another blast of loud explosions. the warheads struck the enery and had devastating effects. the enermy retaliated with a large barrage of explosives and missiles, they struck the neibouring ships of the one gremash and bryfang were in. A piece of debis drifted and struck bryfangs ship. A call over the ships intercom was heard shortly after "Attention! Attention! The hyperdrive Engine has been struck and has became unstable. this is a call to abandon ship! repeat Abandon ship!" 3 minuites after this annoucment a large flash of light that fell to complete darkness.

Look out for the next chapter

Chapter 3

The Unknown land

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