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ordos mission5 problem

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Ohhh, come ooon...you can do better than that.

First of all, don't order Harvesters from Starport, order Siege tanks first, and then, Missile tanks!

If y'have two refineries with 6 Harvesters, it's fairly enough to obtain some serious cash, and fund your operations.

There'z a central small Atreides outpost located halfway between the large Atreides base and your base. This is the source of the enormous infantry groups. Y'should eradicate the base if y'have a large army.

Atreides won't have any siege tanks, so this is a big advantage: Y'can use soldiers. Train 10 Light infantry and 5 Troopers. Troopers may obliterate approachin' tanks, Quads and stuff, Light infantry can deal wit' Trikes and Atreides infantry. Keep in mind however to order Siege tanks as soon as possible.

DOn't try to achieve your goal till the Atreides is present. Just spend your money on a large army as y'would do it normally, and erase the Atreides out of the map. Since it can't build Siege tanks, or Missile tanks, you'll have a great advantage wit' your starport.

SECRET: Once you wipe out the Atreides, and start to collect te required amount of spice, some Atreides Carryalls shall appear, and will drop 3 or 4 heavy attackin' groups on various spots of the map. This happens after the "The Atreides has been eliminated!" message. Strange, eh?

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I never wiped out the Atreides completely yet could finish the mission several times with absolutely no problem. Just establish a hevy defense first, then eliminate any nearby emeny outposts, and then mine, mine, mine... For tips on proper defense, read the general Tactics for Dune2k thread.

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Actually the missions are not that difficult. Each one cam be completed by following the simple steps:

1. Build up a good economy (at least 2 refineries and 4 harvesters).

2. Simultaneously build up a defense and eliminate immediate threats to you.

3. Slowly proceed up the technology tree; don't go for hi-tech units if you've got not enough cash, power or forces for defense.

4. Once you've got both defense and offense up and running, strike with no mercy. Incapacitate the enemy base by taking out important structures. Try to shut off his cash and power supply first by killing harvesters, carryalls and windtraps. Once the AI has taken some serious beating, it will be demoralised and easy to take over.

5. Remember that Dune2k uses the "rock-paper-scissors" principle which means each unit has its counterunit: learn the dependencies and balance your army.

Believe me, its all fairly easy. Just apply a bit of wits, and the CPU will have zero chance ;) You'll get bored quite soon. But there are FMVs to keep you interested! :D

EDIT: Ok, and the final one. The last, but not the least, so to say: don't give up! Try again and again. I know how one feels when he's being beaten up several times, and the sight of your base being overwhelmed with enemy forces is hideous. If you feel the mission is unbeatable, remember that there's always the second variant of it you can try. Just save any level at the region selection screen, and you'll have no problem.

Also, learn from your mistakes. If you're beaten on the level, try to make out why, and avoid it. Sometimes difficult missions require re-playing several times before success. Don't be shy to restart the mission until you find the right way to win.

BTW, if you're completely stuck, you can download all the mission saves on medium difficulty here. However, I think you should use it only as a last resort. And also, Atreides mission 9 is missing there.

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I insist to sell all unnecessary walls 'round your base, this'll provide you some free cash. Also don't y'bother y'self to build automated turrentguns 'round the Starport, it'll fail. I suggest 5 Troopers and 2 Quads instead. Or a Combat tank, if y'have some.

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Sometimes I wonder why Dune2000 AI like to rush you with infantry in the beginning. The first RTS game to pull off such a strategy?

Command and Conquor Red Alert had infantry rushes in skirmish mode on hard setting I believe.

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