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  1. k i beat it, now im having troubles on the next mission...
  2. I can never harvast 15000 cause i die@!!!!! help!
  3. hmmm I had this problem on my old computer. It had something to do with adding -f or something like that....
  4. ohh yeah! thanks... now i can do that tactic to my friend when we battle...
  5. I just played another game with him and he got loads better! holy crap! heres what happened We were playing each other and right at the start he braught like 20 trikes and it whiped out some of my units and 1 of my windtraps, i was like "what the heck!" then about 5 minutes later I brought about 5 seige tanks, 10 trikes, 10 quads, and 10 combat tanks to attack and he brught about the same amount out and we faught in the middle of the field. the sandworm ate mostly my units (which is cheap) then i during the battle i noticed some of my buildings were destroyed. he brought like 10 freman into m
  6. I remember always building at least 2 of each factory or barracks, what makes 2 better then 1? what does it do to have more?
  7. ok i triad that but then the mercinarys (sp) desurted me cause I was focusing mainly on my defense, but that stratagay does work cause now i have over 10000 credits, where are all the bases located and its entrances, im guessing the bigger base is in the east cause thats where most of the attackings come from...
  8. My god this level is so hard! I run out of money just trying to survive! they harkonnan always go after my harvesters and always kill them and i lose lots of money, help!
  9. maybe if xwisc takes over i might actually get to play this game online...
  10. thank you guys! we played a game this morning, and i killed him in 30 min! it was funny cause he sent about 50 troopers and he didnt know i knew he was doing that so i sent about 70 siege tanks and whipped his troopers, and his base out! lol it was fun! thank you!
  11. thank you! I will tell my friend tomorrow!
  12. I remember a thread that gave step by step instructions to get it on.... can you give me step by step instructions?
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