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One secret has been found by rAiDkILLs about using the Harkonnens.

(as follows)

BEFORE selecting a target for the Death Hand Missile, select a slow moving unit, I usually select Trooper Infantry because they are slower than Light Infantry.

Then double click to Launch Death Hand Missile and you get the little Evil Smilie Face to use for targeting. When you target, the circle with 4 blue arrows shows where you are launching your missile.

But After You Target Your Missile, Click The Building You Want To Destroy ONCE More!

It will cause the SAME Building to be targeted by your Trooper in addition to being targeted by the Death Hand Missile (you know this because the circle with 4 red arrows shows you that the Unit you selected before doing the Death Hand Target is now ALSO moving toward the same building)!!!

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Dune2000 needs a lot of skill and deceit.

To play House Atreides you must position your forces correctly. Well placed Fremen (For Atreides and if you're lucky, find them in crates) can easily take down the early infantry rushes. Sonic Tanks when used in groups are lethal to the enemy, but if not well placed you're only destroyinf yourself.

House Harkonnen needs little or no strategy. The rule is simple: Buld a large army or Devastators, Missile Tanks, Siege Tanks and Sardaukar and attack for the final kill. What might seem weak to the Harkonnens might be very powerful. The Atreides Sonic Tank is a serious threat if you wish to attack and the Ordos Deviators can turn your most potent weapons against you. Use the Death Hand Missile to take down key structures or as a distraction.

House Ordos is the most difficult house to play. You must be very very careful as Ordos as their units are VERY easy to destroy. Ordos barely do damage with units but instead make up for using your enemies' units against them by using the Deviator. Unleash Saboteur rushes to decimate structures quickly. Because Ordos can only get Missile Tanks from the Starport they have a serious disadvantage. Buy many missile tanks, they are your primary source of damage. It's a game of deceit when playing against another Ordos player. You must position your forces and guard where the enemy would most likely hide. Also Ordos is a secretive house, so never let anyone run in. That way you can keep your base off-limits and take down any fast hit-and-run tactics your foe might employ. Guard areas where they might most likely run in and hide in the shroud. Make sure the opponent has not scouted that spot. You can easily waste their Saboteur and you have a advantage there.

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