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  1. I seriously doubt it, since these OS's handle memory/parsing/etc differently.
  2. Do you have any modifications installed whatsoever? Oh, good luck finding that virgin. ;)
  3. Thank you for posting about Dune Fanatic, Mahdi. :) It's going to take me a couple weeks to get things together - I got a piece of metal in my eye last thursday, and the opthamologist had to literally drill it out. :( My eyes are very sensitive to light now, and for me, it's a real biotch - As soon as i'm seeing a little better, I'll post more stuff and update that content. If there is anyone who is interested in helping me with a layout, please email me - I'd like to change things a bit layout-wise as the content is updated. Thank again ... :) KotPaine
  4. For turtles (wall-builders, people who build base defenses/buildings and not alot of units), the key to turret walls is making your openings no more than two tiles wide, with turrets on each side - Since an invisible unit is visible within a one tile radius, they are uncloaked as they try to enter your base. Even if a few get through, just look for smoke - A few survivors will no doubt be badly damaged, and leave a smoke trail.
  5. Remove, then re-install the game.
  6. Okay, if you MUST use pulse dialing, you must set the command string parameters of the modem, that's all. Normally, people use "ATDT", then the number being dialed. AT = ATTENTION Command to the modem D = Dial command to the modem T = Use TONE method of dialing P = Use PULSE method of dialing So you would use; "ATDP", then the number being dialed. If you do this and it STILL dials using tone, you'll need to get a look in your modem manual - Most good modems have a series of dip-switches, and TONE/PULSE dial toggle is usually one of them. There also commands to save your preferred command parameters to the NVRAM of your modem - They vary from modem to modem, you'll need to cunsult your manual, or modem manufacturer's website.
  7. Go to the folder called SHARED INTERNET COMPONENTS and click the button that says INTERNET REGISTRATION. It's a stand-alone program to register a new acount with Westwood Online. That should solve your problem.
  8. It's a chronic problem in Dune 2000 that was never really solved.
  9. Geez, you guys should read all the crap going on over at the RA2 board regarding Final Alert. Evidently someone go ahold of a beta (WW's release) and now everyone has it. It's just madness. But I do hope there will be one for Emperor, since maps do extend the life of any game like this.
  10. Please read the subject titled Online gaming again, Jenny. The solution may help you as well.
  11. Well, that makes one helped, millions aggravated. :D
  12. One of the RA2 guys that frequents the official RA2 site has started a info page on RA2 players - I was wondering if anyone ever thought of doing this for Dune 2000 (and henceforth, DBFD players)? If anyone wants to check it out, it's at http://www.geocities.com/kammak71/community.html ... I'm KoTPaine on the RA2 boards. I just thought this was a cool idea, and with EBFD coming out, even a better way to make the community a better, closer-knit group... Any thoughts? Gob?
  13. It's a very unstable program. I had to change my color settings to 16-bit, Mahdi... But use the FULL install, not any upgrade packages. Darn, it's been soooo long since i've done amy map stuff for D2K, especially since Final Alert came out... I hope this help dude...
  14. montego


    lol, whaddya think this is? Kingpin; Life of Crime?
  15. Just unzip the entire contents into your Dune 2000 game folder (eg C:WestwoodDune2000). There is no reboot needed, sounds like something went horribly wrong to me. I have never gotten a reboot message.
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