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  1. you should have figured this out by now, eh?
  2. that would be cool :D
  3. good call- but shygirl is telling it like it is......... ;D
  4. mnmnk00


    i had trouble running d2k on windows xp, but ran the compatability wizard, and now it works fine. well good luck.
  5. build your army faster than them, and protect the entry points of the base. That should be good.
  6. i hope peeps arent doin that, thats just too rude........ we will have to ignore those who feel they must be stupid. cya online kat :)
  7. turn the speed to full and play away. :)
  8. That was perfect. Thanks 4 all the help.... ;D
  9. its a great game, everyone should play. not everyone is mean there. i have seen alot of nice peeps there, but also have seen some pretty wicked comments too. but overall i think its worth it to be able to play this game! so get online and play.
  10. thanx gob. i did get it in the right place. now i am having probs just getting online. i have windows xp, have had it for a week or so and cant log into dune online. i used to have windows 98 se, and had very few probs getting to play online games. but i just cant do it with xp. it just goes to the connecting screen and stays there, i have to end up hittin cntrl,alt,del and end task on d2k and restart the pc and try again. any sugestions?
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