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  1. ...i prefer the Ordos, but i like very much the Harkonnen too... what i don't understand is why do you think Hark are bad in D2k and DE. I find them in both games to be a powerfull faction with some cool units and a strong charisma, so...
  2. ...okay, and i'll wait until you move server...
  3. ... this has nothing to do with that matter but, as it is something to Gob, i posted here anyway... ... what i would like to ask Gob was: can you put an option in the posting system that sends e-mail replies to the poster, alerting about new replies to our posts ? Like the one used in DEN Forums or RA2MD Forums...
  4. filipe_messias


    ...well, it's about time someone tell you... Dune 2000 doesn't have any secrets. This is not a Beat'em-up...
  5. ... ?!... ... Ordos WILL be in Dune Emperor. If you are asking about if their should,... why not?
  6. ...the system requirements. They're to high !!!...
  7. Go to http://www.strategyplanet.com/features/firstlooks/dunegen20010503/ It's a small review in StrategyPlanet, about how it will be...
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