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Machine Crusade hardcover $7.99 at Chapters-indigo-coles


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Actually, it is quite sad what is happening over here. Instead of wondering what next will be behind the horizon, and looking at the promises of some new material, we find nothing better then these books. Leaving us with only one thing to do, complaining about them over and over.

Nothing big, but maybe you should put your original Dune books in an box, and stash them somewhere safe. Then reading some other books (there are alot of other good books, all be it not as good as Dune) and after a year or more, you'll open the box, and will be amazed when you read Dune (and its sequels) for the x-th time again. For me, it would be the 8th time.

Believe me, it works better then sticking to the fan-fiction novels of Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson.

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I've seent that too, but unfortunately, I already got a copy when it first came out.  It was a Christmas gift though, so I didn't pay anything for it one way or another.  At least now I know Battle of Corrin might end up really cheap soon.

Mahdi, you live near the market, right?  The Book Market on Dalhousie and Rideau have a copy of House Atreides on paperback used, if you don't already have it.

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