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Three Enemy Houses


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gunner154: You've never finshed Dune2? That's a shame! It's one of the coolest games ever! And in the end, when the whole planet turns red (Onward Harks!:)) makes you feel really good! And the stupid face of the Emperor... heh... those times were the best... playing D2 for hours and not caring for anything else. ;D

And I have to agree with you that the DeathHand is not as effective as it should be. In D2 it was able to destroy at least the half of a base if amied accurately. In D2k it's nothing...

And what did you mean by "unbeatable AI?" And I think sending a single Devastator tank to the enemy base will not be a fruitful enterprise, because it's too slow to outmaneuver missiles and fast units (like u didn't already know that...:)) Even in HOMM3 I couldn't name an uber-unit, which might stand a chance against an army of monsters.

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i can beat one ai with 5 devastators.

lol turn tech level to 3, then  open crates, and start game,  hunt for crates and if u find 5 devastators, send em to ai, three devastators if survive deploy near refineries (1devastator per refinery,  two others must attack conyard and when bar is yellow, deploy two devastators if survived. then ai will cant make base, and if get not much moneys then sell up base ;p

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Belive me or not, I think you can kill an AI with 5 devs even if it has tech level 7.

By the way, I moved to another game, I used to play it before dune. Its very hard! I dont think many duners will do well there...

Hmmm.. you probably wanna know what is it eh?

[hide]checkers! ;D[/hide]

seriously, its a great game! (www.playsite.com)<-----i'm there

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