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Good work on the D2TM!

It's nice to see that the crew is working hard, looking forward to the 'Beta' or what the next release will be..

About the Caladan, Geidi Prime 'Invasion' like missions:

- It might be good not to get a MCV and some troops right away atleast, my suggestion is that you use the 'Global Economy' where you first select the amount off cash to use and pay the space travel cost (which I don't know how expensive it is, since Spice is vital for space travel and you already have that in your hands), and start the map with a "extended" Starport, where you can order not only vehicles but also Infantry troops (perhaps even a MCV so that you can establish a base if you're feeling up to it).

- The 'Invasion' option opens up after you have hampered (taken alot of areas from the specific enemy-house), much like the 'finishing blow' in Emperor to ultimately erase a house from Arrakis.


A really nice feature is the mentat option; Which I think should hold all the Unit-info, 'global economy' and 'invasion' options aswell as the briefing and sub-objectives remember to have a summary after a mission has been completed from this guy.

Liked that from duneII and missed it in the later versions Dune 2000 and so on.

Keep up the good work!

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The mentat will be having a bigger role then just providing information. In fact, i think you will be spending as much time with the mentat as with building / maintaining bases in the D2TM mode.

In DUNE 2 mode, the mentat will be just that, a mentat... giving you info about a unit. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Will you keep the buildings' gfx same in two modes or will you change the buildings' (also units')gfx in d2tm? Or will you just change the gameplay? If you want to change buildings' gfx I can help you about it... Also I can make the gfx for them. But I do not think I can help about the units' gfx...

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Ugh having a office style mentat would be like "It looks like your trying to select a unit" or "Looks like your base was smashed up bad", but even so it looks pretty good, keep up the good work.

- vidi

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would be fun, but i don't think it will ever come out. Although... for a Nintendo DS i might see strategy cames come in. I have seen some nice RTS games on a PDA (pocket pc) as well, played one even, and you can do a pretty decent C&C style game. So there is your hole in the market ;)

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Hi guys,

Sorry to interrupt the conversation...  I just wanted to say how happy I was today to have found this project, and happier still to see that it didn't "come and go" before I had a chance to check it out, as so many good projects do.  The D2TM team is doing a fantastic job!  Stefan, you're a legend in the Dune 2 community, and it's good to see you're still in business.

Also (shameless plug), I've made a hex-board turn-based game engine called Vigrid, and I was wondering if anyone would like to use it to quickly make a Dune-inspired game.  I thought about making a Dune 2 clone about a year ago, but I decided to focus on this first, which I recently released.  Thanks if anyone bothers to check it out! :)

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