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  1. "I mention this only because it might affect the gameplay. Say, Harkonnen are the only house to use their atomics, but they should actually got big trouble using it, with Landsraad, Guild and so on. But not if the Emperor backs them up. What do you think about it?" Well you could use some sort of scoring system on how well you are getting along with the Emperor then perhaps.. Like a percentage value. And using a nuke will lower that percentage value quite alot. To boost percentage could be done by sending extra spice and always make your deliveries in time. The emperors "messages" and behavior
  2. If you read the other threads you will see how much is considered to be done at the time and that stefan is pretty much open for suggestions, but I will leave that for him to answer... meight.
  3. Mech


    Dunish enough for me.. Nice work Skaldi! Let's just hope the next alpha doesn't take too long :Z
  4. Can't wait until the "beta" comes out ^^ Do you intend on implementing the original Dune 2 campaign with all the new graphics (with mentor cutscenes of course) and controls ? Will there be 'Dune 2 Campaign' & 'The maker Campaign' in Menu? I've noticed that you've been sniffing at this subject but it would be swell with a definite answer (Y/n) which I haven't been able to find, or am I just completely twisted on Melange?
  5. Good work on the D2TM! It's nice to see that the crew is working hard, looking forward to the 'Beta' or what the next release will be.. About the Caladan, Geidi Prime 'Invasion' like missions: - It might be good not to get a MCV and some troops right away atleast, my suggestion is that you use the 'Global Economy' where you first select the amount off cash to use and pay the space travel cost (which I don't know how expensive it is, since Spice is vital for space travel and you already have that in your hands), and start the map with a "extended" Starport, where you can order not only vehicles
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