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Is emperor balanced ?


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well ordos is good for:

1.) Killing noob harks with gass

2.) Killing average harks with lasers

3.) Killing above average harks with kobras (but losing to elite harks)

4.) Killing any level atr very early in the game who doesnt upgrade to minos.

5.) Killing any level atr very early who tries to upgrade to minos too soon.

6.) Using deviators on mass minos against an atr who isnt smart enuf to make elites.

Bascially thats what ordos is good for now.

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no, but harks are stronger in a game with 2 players of the same calyber. or even if the hark player was weaker from ordos player harks still own

thats all what i was saying

so with optimal skill level battle between house harck and house ordos

harck will win finaly


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1v1 Ord vs Hark is pretty much a no-brainer, when the 2 are equally skilled. Other than that in 2v2 it depends on how you and your ally work together. As in Hark, Ord pair vs. whatever. I like that combo, when at times it's possible to wipe em off a rock in a minute or 2, over and over again. But 1v1 Hark rules just that simple.  :P

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When I said they suck, I didn't mean it but you went on and made that list.  So then I said they don't suck becuase you made that list and well cause they don't in certain situations.  I really was just messing around.

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sorry but i did beat you doom... i also recall my friend owning gunwounds with his "mass mongoose". i played 2vs2 and 1vs1 with 0m3n and brennq all the time. but heres where i own you with reading skill doomp0w3r... read back and look where i said they were better than me, please read all the posts before replying thanks. doom in the 2v2s we played with me brennq, 0m3n and you if i recall youd always be the 1 wiped out 1st if nobody got doubled. doom sadly i was better than you.. im sure 0m3n can vouch(not sure of the spelling) for that

me 0m3n, mord and brennq had 2v2s that lasted hours...

errrr lol u was putting urself in the same category as brennq omen n stuff wich clearly wasnt the fact i dont think u shud brag abt ur reading skills coz apparantly they aint as good as u think, even more so since it was ur own post, I didnt state anything bout me beeing better, but since u deem it nessecary to bring that up,  i been owning ur ass for ages and now u come say like 2 years later that u were better i think u got alotta holes in ur brain that makes u believe things that aint true lmao stay off the dope man

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