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Dune 2 - The Maker Version 0.92 released


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Here are some brief observations of v0.92 I've made. I'm sure you know about most of them, but I place them just for the record:


- big units' sprites (such as Harvester or Devastator) may cover the sprites of neighboring other units or structures, which is weird (see screenshot).

- in Dune 2, Carryalls would have transparent shadows.

- is the orange color of Hi-tech Factory, Carryall and Orni icons and ingame Ornies added on purpose, or is it a flaw of game palette?


- looks like a destroyed structure is still counted as an exising structure by the game, because the concrete placed upon rubbles won't appear and you can't place other structures over it too. See also the screenshot where conyard rubble is still selected.

- structures that are just placed start off with 99% health instead of 100%, for reasons unknown.

- House Ordos: should they have a Missile Launcher along with a Deviator or not?

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In response:


- the big unit sprites bug is known, an attempt to fix it ruined my memory management. I do know how to fix it, but the code is too sloppy to make it work correctly yet (ie, in theory it hsould work, but in practice it messes up some memory so units do weird)

- the shadows, yes, although i wont probably do transparant (if possible i will!) i will add them later

- the orange color is a palette bug, in the newer version i have different colored icons , hopefully it does not show then ;)


- there are flaws with the selected structure yes

- the 99% health is fixed

- afaik Ordos has the Launcher from Mission 6 in DUNE 2. Unlike the other houses who get it in mission 5.

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I've noticed that the AT mission 8 map is corrupt (see the screens I've made from D2TM, DL and Dune 2). E.g. Dune Legacy contains the seed for this mission that is OK.

P.S. In v1.0 at least, Ordos don't have the Launcher, and the mentat says something about Ordos having more effective tanks, and that Raiders are best against Launchers. You can buy Launchers at Starport never the less. In Dune2k Ordos neither have the Launcher, again it's only availiable at starport.

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This is exactly what i proposed earlier.

I never said this was not appreciated, though i felt forced to use the songs in the first place.

Okay that sounds reasonable.I am not forcing anybody. So it comes in a other section for remakes of the tunes if people want to download them.

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Do note, there are 2 'D2TM versions' out now:

The Bene Gesserit version, which is the latest, total rewrite

0.92 - which is the latest playable (meaning, with combat, etc) and oldest coded version.


0.92 - Not being developed further based on that code

Bene Gesserit - heavily changing from time to time, its code is used still.  (no combat mode in)

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