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Easier Emperor Worm?


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The SLOW way just takes some micro management and good defences.

Use devastators and the ix replicator (making Dev's)to kill the south base units mix in buzzsaws with the Dev's (keep your 3 engineers back.)

Base build windtrap refinery (on back of rock,Upgrading asap) Factory Windtrap and then 2nd ref.

Keep churning out Buzzsaws.

Use Dev's to kill turrets at entrance to South base, use engineers to steal the wind traps in that base and build barracks (upgrade) Kill all turrets with Dev and steal all buildings with engineers.

NB all Refs should be built against back edge of base rocks on the WEST side of map, this stops the harvesters or carryall accidentally activating the Worm timer.

Build three Sard Barracks and upgrade you should by now have 3 refs fully upgraded. Protect your spice field with Sards and troopers, your base with air turrets.

Churn out some inkvines (10) and use with the buzz and Dev's to protect the entry gap Making sure no units go through the gap. Scatter a few engineers around to deal with any leached units.

Now you can sit back and build up your forces to a high level.You can kill the turrets on cliff edges BUT no units even scouts should go through the entry gap or over the cliffs.

Once you have built up your forces, Any that you prefer using, be that Just Sards or Fremen or all air units or any combination. Then attack and wipe every thing out, kill the worm last.

NB REMEMBER once you go through the gap or over the cliff tops the count down will begin and then that sets the tempo of your attack.

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I've beat him by abusing the timer.

The timer doesn't kick in unless you venture out to far.

So I kept training my units till lvl 3 and kept amassing spice.

Once I found I had enough (overkill) I started the map clearing.

Burn the cash and keep building eveything you can, with your first wave of elite units you should be able to clear all untill the worm.

What's left is the main base on the big plateau agains't which you have to find (annoying guild niabs btw).

After a few hours less of my life i could pummel the worm how I wanted to (did this with the atreides).

To keep your real minos alive use the second base to make copies with the Ix units, when they attack your entrance flank them so they get distracted ^_^

Even if you dont got Ix copies, flank them with a few hard to kill units (couple of sards or so), like that your minos do the real damage from your entrance.



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I also beat it by abusing a sort of bug. If you build walls to block all the entrances, the enemy armies will get stuck outside the walls, leaving only infantries to pass through, or kobras and minos to occasionally fire at your base. So my base is peaceful enough and I tech up. Then I built adv carryalls and simply lifted anything that can be lifted form my base straight to the worm. By then the AI armies will start breaking the walls but you're already killing the emperor worm so, what are they going to do.

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