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Favorite Subhouse

What are your favorite 2 Subhouses?  

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  1. 1. What are your favorite 2 Subhouses?

    • Fremen
    • Guild of Navigators
    • House Ix
    • House Tleilaxu
    • Imperial Sardaukar

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I chose fremen and sardaukar, however like most i only usually ever end up building sardaukar.  as far as the ix goes, anyone remember a player by the name of zepyher2? he almost always used ix, and even had an ix rush, absolutely destroyed people.  if you know how to use them, i think ix is prob one of the best subhouses.

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I'd have the sards + tleilaxu. as the sards would be used for beginnings and for long games the tleilaxu would come in to mess the spice field and thats when the game changes and ppl start losing. muahahahahah

(tleilaxu voice) hhhhhrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhh

hehe. 8)

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When you choose IX you can use Infiltrator (very good to dessstoy enemy buildings) & projector to make copies of your units (sometimes it's useful).

Sradukar give you heavy infrantry that is VERY good to reinforce units of all houses.

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