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Help! My XP can't run Dune 2000!


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Hi! I tried to install D2k to my pc, but when I clicked on install.exe I always get a message, which says the "AUTOEXEC.NT" file isn't working properly, therefore I can't start up any MS-DOS programs. I tried to search for this question in the XP help, but I got some useless solutions. What should I do now? Please help me, for I'm desperate to play some D2k!


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AMIgaBot, just installing Windows '98 to play a game isn't really a realistic option I think. About the rest of the posts. . go do that in IM's. Not in Tech-support.

As Nema mentioned, try to run the setup in compatibilety [ first Nema typo ever on this forum ? ]. If that doesn't work copy the CD to your harddrive to see if that changes anything.

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A few questions questions.

Is the disc an original?  If it is, allow the disc to run it's self install when you put the disc in the drive.

Are you able to copy the disc onto your HD, i.e. can you read the disc ok?

The game doesn't run within a DOS shell!

Most of the problems are graphics related when considering D2K and XP, compatibility usually helps then, but not with installation.

What programs are you running when trying to install?  Close down any virus software prior to installation.

What service pack are you running?  SP2 may create issues?

I run D2k on XP home without the compatibility mode.  No installation problems, just a few graphic issues needed sorted.

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Well, first of all, I would like to thank for the ideas, but sadly none of them worked...  :'(

AMIgaBot: I'm also starting to feel that Win98 would somewhat be a better op-system for games, but I think I will not reinstall it again. I will keep my XP, now that I got used to it...:)

Nema: I know D2k isn't an MS-DOS program, I only added that I can't run any DOS programs either. I also tried to do that compatibility change before you mentioned it, but it didn't work. I tried all existing variations, but none of them worked...

gryphon: I will try to do that. Thanks!

scotsman: The CD isn't original, but I have the autorun activated by default; the menu starts, but the install program itself keeps crashing all the time. I can read the disc, but I didn't try to copy the game to my HD yet. I will give it a shot! I know it doesn't run in DOS shell, I only gave it a final, desperate attempt. I did not think it would run, I only hoped... (as we all know, hope is the last to die...:)) I'm not running any programs paralelly, not even a virus software. And I don't have any service packs. It's just the plain, old XP itself. Earlier I was able to run the game and it had no graphic problems, so I don't think this is the problem here.

crazArra: I also tried this version too. I copied the file to that location, but Windows wasn't able to find the file anyway. When I restarted my computer, the file was gone. Windows removed it without asking. I think too bad for me...

Bit I will keep on trying! Lots of thanx again!

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1) Insert windows xp cd.

2) Click Start > run

3) Type expand d:i386autoexec.nt c:windowssystem32autoexec.net (assuming your cd drive is drive d:, if not replace d: with whatever your drive is)

If this doesn't work try typing : expand c:windowsrepairautoexec.nt c:windowssystem32autoexec.nt

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