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  1. yo i had the same problems as you. your problem may be that your autoexec.nt file is either corrupted, missing, or misplaced. if it is present, go to C:WINDOWSrepair copy the autoexec.nt file go to C:WINDOWSsystem32 and paste it hope that helps
  2. Hello, I am new to this board and i have a question. hopefully someone has the knowledge to refer to this. My friend and I play C & C Tiberian Sun V 1.08 over a modem. we want to try and ally but it never works. the ally keys are the same too. we put at least 1 AI player each time we play, but still the alliance thing never works. can someone please explain to me how, during the game, we can ally our forces? I remember you were supposed to click on one of his forces and press "A" but thats not currently working. Thank You in Advance
  3. no i was mentioning QBASIC. so if QBASIC can not compile serperate applications, then you said I should use TurboBasic? i am assuming it uses the same programming language as BASIC> If so, where do you think i could find it? thank you for the help, again :)
  4. hello i am very new to BASIC and i just wanted to know how you could save your the program you design in BASIC as a seperate application that doesnt need BASIC to run. i am working on a very old computer that is not mine (PC 486) and i would like to be able to use my program on newer computers, such as PC III or PC 4. Thanks greatly i appreciate the help
  5. there was one RTS game before it called Herzog Zwei and it was released for the genesis.
  6. hey guys do u guys know where i can find any orginal RTS games perhaps in the theme of dune II/arrakis with the games having original buildings/units? thanks
  7. hey i never sed i was after ur downloads :) just needed to inform you cuz i thought its ur site peace
  8. hey stefan just to inform you the downloads on ur old arrakis website arent working maybe u should take a look at that peace
  9. yo stefan...... are you making a mod for ur orginal arrakis game or for dune? when do u expect it to be done? :)hey can u also make a link to the old arrakis website. no one can download arrakis anymore because the site is down. thanks peace
  10. yo guys cant wait for any of ya to release your clones :) P.S. are you guys creating new structures/units in your games or is it all the same units? (i am asking you this because seeing the same units all over and over again makes it kinnda boring) peace
  11. sorry to start a 2nd topic..... does anyone know where i can find any games that are completed similiar to arrakis?
  12. crazArra

    Arrakian Dawn

    does anybody know here i can find this game? i am very interested and i am not sure it is completed but if it is can someone please send me a URL that works so i can download it? thanks a lot
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